Chapter Eighty

Her low voice soothed my heavy breath, her other hand so much warmer against my chest as she pushed me down, drawing the covers up and sliding to my side. Her cold finger warmed against my lips, her mouth silent as I listened to her breath, mine held so I wouldn’t disturb the dream. Her scent rolled over me with ever movement adding to the most lucid experience I’d had in all my years.

Her fingers ran down my chest, bumping over muscles, my ribs pain free as I tensed. My body reacted, lifting the covers, her hand circling my belly button, lowering to the line of my boxer shorts. She pulled away and I thought the bubble had burst, instead she ripped away the covers, flinging them to the floor and she climbed, straddling across my groin, my stiffness tight against the pressure on my shorts. Her face was down on mine and our lips slid together as we kissed, her hands ran through my hair and grabbing at my palms, she pushed them to her breasts. Exploring her naked body, my fingers roved over her nipples, opening to knead her mounds. The tips of my fingers ran down her stomach, arriving in unison at her butt, stroking and squeezing the tight globes.

As we kissed back and forth, I grabbed her butt, pulled myself down the bed sliding under her, burying my face in her soaking wet crotch. Although trying hard to stifle her pleasure, she couldn’t help groaning as I ground my face, pushing my tongue as deep as I was able. She leant back and grabbed me hard in her hand, stroking, rubbing up and down, the feeling almost too much, but I kept myself on the brink as she gyrated hard on my face, tiny squeals of joy rolling from her mouth, soaking me with her pleasure. Spasming with the last ebbs of joy, she lifted, her body twitching with each touch as I climbed back up the bed. Expecting to hold her in my arms, she kept low, had my boxers around my ankle in one swift move. I was in her mouth and couldn’t hold back from exploding deep in her throat.

We lay with the covers over, her head nestled beside mine, her chest leaning at my side and I fell asleep listening to her slow, exhausted breath.

It was light when I woke and I turned to see the bed empty next to me. It was a dream and I deflated as the realisation came. The house was silent and no one had woken me for my watch. I rushed from the bed, smelling a mix of foreign odours, but the hint of smoke in the air made me pull on my clothes and I stepped to the window to see the lone Cord ambling in the road. Foreign sounds started from downstairs, the noise of activity, of action. I checked the bedrooms and found them all empty, searched the landing for anything heavy, but found only my mistake. I’d left anything of use downstairs. I would have to attack unarmed. I crept back to the room and pulled on my trainers, found a bottle of perfume, its tapered cap the best I could do and took the first step down, willing myself to peer around the corner.


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GJ Stevens

I am a Writer. I am many other things too, but I love to write. I write in my spare time, I write when my time is not really spare. I write to relax and I write because I enjoy hearing about how people react to my words. Later this year I release my debut novel, In The End, a compelling apocalyptic thriller that will leave you breathless, immersing you in their fight for survival.

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