Publishing Update: Ready for Lift Off!

With one week to go….[Pause for a deep slow breath]….until release day I’ve been keeping up the momentum with doing anything that I think will help promote my book.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • I’m doing a crazy amount of interviews for my blog, with two agents and a publisher added to the list and more high profile authors coming soon, plus I’m keeping to the roots of where the blog started and they will still be some authors who are early in their career. It’s nerve-wracking but also a great deal of fun.
  • I’ve been researching Amazon advertising, spending time on a free webinar from Ads for Authors founder Mark Dawson and I recommend that anyone who has a book out in Amazon takes a look at the masses of free content. I got so much in just an hour. I’m toying with the idea of joining the paid course, it’s a lot of money, but entries close in a week or less, not opening until the summer next year.
  • I have a quandary I need to work through with regards to the paperback. It’s ready, of course it’s ready, but due to what I see as a major flaw in the KDP process, you can’t schedule a publication date for the paperback and you can’t order author copies until the book is on general sale. Also the time it takes from clicking the button in KDP to actually seeing the book available to buy on the shelves is between 24-72 hours. Now that’s a big difference. I don’t want to cut the time fine and risk the book not being available to buy on the 30th, but I also would like it not to be available until that time. However, after all this rambling, if I push the button in the next few days and someone does purchase prior to the 30th then they probably won’t get it until Friday anyway. Plus I can order my author copies and have them in my hand for release day. I think I might have just talked myself in to it…..
  • I’m up to 29 pre-orders of the kindle edition, plus I know of many people more who have promised to buy the paperback when it’s out too. This slow down is not a surprise as those who have said they’re interested in the Kindle edition would have pre-ordered by now.
  • My next big push will be when the book is released and the reviews are in, that is of course if they come out in my favour….[deep breath]

That’s it for the update, I’ve got to get on to more promo work. Thanks for listening to my brain dump!

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