Season Two – Chapter Fifty Three

His fingers were back at the buttons along my chest, his touch light as he fumbled with each disc of metal until they popped open one by one, his breath drawing deep with each success. I felt the cold through the thin vest top as I lay only just winning the war to keep my breath even, knowing I would need my energy soon to stop myself destroying this man and diving too deep into what I could feel coming.

With surprise, he kept his hands from the white of the vest top, holding himself back, perhaps waiting until I was ready, until he’d unwrapped me. Even now with all the buttons gone, my jacket open, he held himself from grabbing me, instead taking his time to fold the loose fabric of the jacket neatly either side.

“No,” I said. “Please no,” I added as I watched his arms, his hands hovering as they ran down my body, watched his face dip in and out of the light, his stare square on my skirt held tight by my thighs. Despite my pleading he grabbed either side at the hem, despite my attempt to push down with my ass, in one swift movement he had my skirt up around my waist, taking his time to roll and gently lay the material across my hips before he’d gone.

I felt my body shake, tiny tremors glittering my body, goose bumps prickling my skin. He hadn’t moved in the dark, his breath strangely quiet, but my hunger knew he was still there, the taste of his meat still thick in the air. I fought against his intoxication. He was just watching, staring, savouring what he’d exposed.

My legs spread further by his will, dragged either side, slow and with precision, the floorboards creaking in-between his movements. I tugged with my hands, tugged with my legs, I was strung wide, tight between the bounds, it was all I could do to raise myself slightly off the bed. Despite being so exposed, part of me was thankful I was bound, part of me craved to be held back to save the world from what would happen if I didn’t find Toni real quick, despite knowing what would happen when I next saw the creep’s pudgy hands in the light.

His smell was morphing, the difference subtle. I could sense his arousal, could smell the texture of his meat change, could taste his hormones in the air and knew his flesh would be all the sweeter. I shook my head, realising I’d been urged him on inside my head and stopped the flex of my hips, flattening the snarling smile which had taken shape without my command.

His hands came in as I stopped and heard him pulling air deep through his nose, his fingers heading for my middle. I froze, tensing as he picked up the hem of my vest top and collected up the material, the back of his hand cold as it brushed at my stomach. By the catch of his breath, the touch not intended, he paused, raising his hands higher as he slowly rolled to expose my skin, slowing just below my breasts like he was savouring every moment. His wheeze had gone, his breath so shallow, his movements so controlled, anticipating what he would find. With each roll, he got closer, couldn’t help but bring himself in. His scent double handed, the odour of the unwashed folds clawed at my throat, made me want to cough, but with it, like I was two people all at once, I wanted him right in my face, I wanted him to place his neck at my mouth so I could breathe in his sweetening meats.

A sheen of sweat glistened my body, despite the cold, each of his movements sending cold air, chilling the heat I could not control. The cotton touched my nipples and they stood to attention. I would have barely noticed if not for the spark licking out. I wanted them to deflate, wanted not to urge him on, didn’t want him to see part of me enjoying the sensation, even if it was for reasons that would have chilled him to the bone.

His breath stopped altogether and he let go of my shirt, before grabbing again and pulling up with a yank, exposing my breasts, dropping the material just under my neck. He stepped back without a pause, withdrawing from the light. His breath was heavy and any moment I knew it would get heavier. Any moment it would go bad, my body wanted him away, but my hunger wanted him on top of me so I could satisfy the empty pit in my stomach.

He moved, swifter than I could have imagined, he was around the other side of the bed swiping the lamp was off, plunging the room in complete darkness. This was it, this was the time, the next event to change the way I saw the world, but instead I listened as he ran from the room, he must have heard something before me, some pre-warning I hadn’t caught, only now I heard the glass falling to the floor somewhere downstairs.



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