Season Two – Chapter Eighty Five

Tiny stars appeared at my eyes as I held firm, disbelief fixing me to the spot, fixing my right arm hovering over his corpse. My left hand pushed out to its chest, holding it back as it tried to sit up, mouth snapping open and closed in silent, swift motions. Nothing came as I tried to pull deep, fighting against the blockage at my throat. Ryan still faced the other way, looking into the distance as I felt my will drain. My eyes caught on the knife still held out and adrenaline shot along my arm. I jabbed, pushing all my weight behind my balled fist wrapped around the hilt, the knife diving deep, slicing through the skin with no resistance. Slice after slice, jab after jab it gave no reaction and we were locked in a stalemate, knowing I would give out first, despite the destruction I’d made to its stomach.

Still, Ryan looked away and I tried to force my remaining energy away from trying to figure the reasons why he couldn’t hear the sounds which should have been so obvious. My vision closed in from the sides, a dark border encroaching with every moment. I switched my effort, turning the blade to its outstretched arm, its hand at my throat, but I could feel the power lessen with each jab digging to the bone.

With my vision nearing to a dot in the centre, I felt myself relax, with nothing left to stop it from taking over, nothing to stop myself falling.


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