Season Two – Chapter 112

The road felt cold even through my trainers, the light brighter than I remembered. I moved to the right almost bumping into a tall man, half his face dangling at his side. I didn’t take a deep breath, didn’t scream, my blood pumping at the same pace as he pushed me to the side. I let him. Jordain’s feet slapped to the floor and I turned much faster than those heads all around making their long slow twists toward the noise, their bodies following.

I heard my name on the breeze, heard the sweet scent unlatching my stomach, turned as another shoved past to push a smile on my face. Jordain’s eyes were wide, his expression holding mine only for a moment, his concentration elsewhere, hands grasping to pull his only chance of survival from the holster. I didn’t waste the time on an apology, my hands busy pushing the door closed as the first of the mouths took hold. I didn’t waste time watching his reaction, watching his hands give up on the weapon, instead fists balled for a moment, striking out at the growing crowd. I gave in, let myself be consumed, taking my place, falling to my knees as he did, crouching to the ground, my face almost touching the tarmac as I filled like a baby sucking on a teat.

Full. Senses dulled from the feed, the man before no longer recognised. I rolled under the van, my stomach griping with pleasure as it gurgled, excited at the contents.

Coming to a rest in the centre I felt the van’s warmth all gone, but had no care. Tears streamed, rolling to my ears, but my mind wouldn’t let me linger on his face, pulling away time and again as the taste filled my senses, energy radiating from my core as I turned to my side and watched the sun slowly disappear like my humanity had drained away. Like my dreams flowed down the plug hole. Like my hopes for an ending which involved Toni paying the price for what I had now become.



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