Season Two – Chapter 115

I’d done it.

It was prize winning material, even capturing the figures running across the roof. Sighting what could have been Toni, could have been her, miniature on the monitor screen. I was sure as she climbed to the helicopter. My breath caught, or almost, as the children were guided high along the roof. I carried on despite the woman’s words from the days before, the best hosts, hoping my words streaming from my mouth weren’t catching as I thought about a fate similar to mine.

But my power was to let everyone know, to use my words to narrate the story over the horrific pictures from the journey. Others could zoom and identify the culprits, could track the helicopter and end this madness.

They had more time left than we did.

Ryan left the camera rolling as I waiting for the upload to finish, staring at the destruction, only turning away as the automatic reply flashed across the screen telling me the footage had been received by the editor.

Now it was up to them to do what they had to do. I had to rely on them to make the choice to send it out to the masses, to push out my warning as far as it would go.

“What now?” Ryan said from the open doors of the van, his voice calming my rising beat.

“There’s probably a thousand, maybe more on their way here,” I said sighing through my smile.

“So what do you want to do? You’ve done it despite everything,” he said, his eyes wide, face beaming a mirror image of mine.

“We did it. Thank you,” I said letting my shoulders fall.

“Do you think they’ll use it?” he replied, his face set in a scowl as he nodded to the images still playing on the wall of screens.

“We’ll probably never know,” I said with a sigh.

“Doesn’t that bother you?” he said raising his eyebrows.

I nodded.

“But what can I do?” I said not letting my lips deflate.

“I don’t think this story’s over yet,” he said raising a smile in the corner of his mouth and turned toward the hospital while my eyes caught on the one screen showing the feed from the camera. I watched the wide angle as the helicopter lifted, the wind picking up even inside the van. My eyebrows raised at the sight as Ryan spoke.

“There’s two people on the roof,” he said, squinting as I turned. “A dog too,” he said, uncertainty in his voice. “We should go see if they’re okay,” he added turning back.

I closed my eyes taking a slow breath.

“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea,” I said as I held my hand to my stomach.

Roll credits….


…that’s it for Season Two. Watch this space for a few fun posts while I recharge my batteries before I get back to these words I’ve so enjoyed creating. Thank you for reading and staying this long. If you enjoyed, let me know in the comments or Like my Facebook page.

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