My Publishing Journey – The Beginning

The latest version of this post is available here.

I’m about to embark into the unknown world of self-publishing my first book, In The End. This is my honest journey so far and the steps I think I’ll need to take. I’ll repost each time I have any major update or when I learn something new or if anyone comments with some useful or important information.

Expected Publication Date – Autumn / Fall 2018

Step One

Write the book. DONE

Step Two

Build a following. Build a community.IMG_3486

  • Release chapters of the book to the world on WordPress. DONE – A new chapter released each day. Season Two published in the same way.
  • Blog about the world. Write blogs about all kinds of things to do with the world the book is set in. Our world, but there’s a terrible disease and life has just become a whole lot harder!
  • Blog about the process. That’s what this is all about!
  • Get WordPress followers, get Facebook followers and build excitement about the book’s release
  • Commission a cover – DONE

Step Three

Under my own rules of how I wanted this work to develop, they’ll be no development editing of the work. It’s done! Now I need to get the work polished and hunt out those pesky typos, or mistakes as a good friend calls them! It’s the area I’m weakest at so I have to rely on my wife to do it for me and she’s a busy lady so I’m trying to be patient.

Step Four

Figure out how the hell I’m going to get this published on Amazon. I want to publish as an e-book and also use Amazon’s print-on-demand service. CreateSpace? So I’ve bought the top selling books on the subject from Amazon which the reviews seem to think will guide me through the process! Lots and lots to learn here, so much more information to be added.

Step Five

Continue to build the community and market the book. Lots to learn here. So far my marketing strategy consists of:

  • Blogging (as above) – World building and about the process
  • Writing Season Three and releasing on WordPress as I did with Season One and Two.
  • Find a way to get people to provide reviews of the published book

Step Six

Publish I guess. I’ll take Season One off WordPress and add in my own advertising to link to the book on Amazon. Lots more to learn here.

In parallel with all the above I’ll be doing the same for Season Two and writing Season Three.

Want to read Season One before I take it down. Here it is.

If I’ve made some massive misjudgement, missed out any step or you just have some advice, then please let me know in the comments.

GJ Stevens

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