Calling all Authors: Author Interviews

I’m looking to recruit authors for interview on my blog. If you’re a published author who’s interested in a bit of publicity to my growing list of WordPress, Twitter and Facebook followers then let me know in the comments or email me and we can start a conversation.

I’ll be asking a range of questions about the writing, publishing and marketing process, but you’ll also have a chance to promote your own work. I’m interested in talking to different authors across the genres, but depending on demand I won’t be able to get through everyone straight away, so please be patient.

27 thoughts on “Calling all Authors: Author Interviews

  1. I’m in, only started blogging this jan but have been writing on and off for nearly 30 years! I’m loving the blog and haven’t publicised myself much as I don’t really have anything to sell. I started as an exercise to improve my writing in an effort to complete a book I was writing. I think I’m up for it now but not sure where the time is going to come from.
    I’d love to chat

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  2. Thanks for this. I am forwarding it to an author (self-published now) who I know who writes a wide variety of genre…Eve Ottenberg. I hope she contacts you. I have only self-published a children’s artist book, Sweet Potato, si I will share your offer with “real” authors :).

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  3. I just self-published my first book, it’s a collection of short horror stories that all connect in various ways. Would love to talk, I just started running a creative writing blog last month as well.

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