Author Interview Series: R K Gold

Today we welcome R K Gold, originally from Buffalo, New York, but now spending most of his time in New Orleans, he juggles a full time job, studying for a Masters Degree in Economics with writing novellas, working to publish his own fantasy novel, Beds Are For Flowers which is out in Oct this year, and collaborating on other novels. When he’s not spinning those plates, he likes to spend time with his hound, Logan.

Thank you for joining me R K. You’ve only been writing since 2014, but you’ve already published four novellas and are about to release your first full length book. I wish I knew where you got the time from! Tell me a bit about what you’ve published so far.

Most of the novellas have an element of nature in them; most deal with the innocence of nature being corrupted by humans. Lost in the Clouds is by far my top selling one and that’s just a short tale about a man’s journey from death to the afterlife.

Determined not to sit still, you’re creating a publishing house on top of everything else you’re doing.

17992306_1023318204436158_2891807468262284803_nYes. I’m also in the process of creating a publishing house with my best friend and fellow author Lauren Lee. We are mostly focusing on serialised fiction. We are hoping to produce a rapid release model to keep our readers engaged so they won’t have to wait years to find out what happens in a story. Essentially we are hoping to bring the binge watching mentality of Netflix to our fiction.

Can you tell me a bit about how you write?

I’ve gotten really into 20 minute writing sprints when I’m working on rough drafts. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, until I knock out around 3k words. I use Scrivener as my main writing software. I found out about it from other authors and I just love how organised it is. I don’t have to do massive cuts and searches, everything is in its own folder and easily accessible. Rough draft is the easiest but publishing is obviously my favourite part.

Do you have any advice for new writers?

Everyone has a process, find yours and read a lot.

Tell me about your novel.

Beds Are For FlowersIt’s called Beds are For Flowers and it’s a whimsical tale about reapers. It’s out October 17th this year. The reapers are a being that guides a soul from the mortal realm to paradise, but also brings life back to the mortal realm. I have them acting as gardeners who aren’t bringers of death, but more transitioning life back and forth from two connected planes of existence. I love writing fantasy as I can just make everything up!

What was the biggest writing challenge?

Creating a setting. My rough draft was the “beautiful void” trope so I had to fix that by giving it more physical structure and a sense of culture and community.

How’s it being published?

I’m going to be publishing through my own publishing house with Lauren Lee and that’s going to be my primary outlet for publishing in the future too. I don’t know if I’ll seek traditional publishing though because controlling your own destiny is really appealing. I mean if you make it as an indie you’re completely in charge of your own career. I understand why people would prefer the traditional route, and I think it makes sense for some, but for what I’m doing now I prefer self publishing.

Can you tell me about how you plan to market the book?

I use social media for marketing, but I’m not sure about the results. I don’t have a strategy as such, I just try to post consistently. I’ve had success using Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) ads and it’s all about finding the right keywords.

You’ve got over 20,000 followers on Twitter. How do you find this helps your sales?

twitter-292994_1920I don’t think it’s helped me much. When I first got on twitter I thought followers meant everything so I spent $5 on fiverr for 5k followers. It worked but it didn’t do much for me. At my peak I had 41k but got it down to the 20 whatever it is now of real followers. I find twitter is only as good as the interactions you have. If you’re tweeting to large numbers it doesn’t matter if they don’t care. Make friends on there, people you actually talk to, they’re the ones who are going to share your work when you’re just starting out.

It only leaves me now to thank R K Gold for joining me for this interview and to wish him all the best with Beds are for Flower which is out on October 17th this year. You can keep up to date with R K via his website at

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