Survivor – Your Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse


The phone has rung. The emergency message pinged on your mobile. The radio comes alive and the rolling TV news has only one story.

It has happened. Come true. The end of civilisation. Natural disaster. World War III. Alien invasion. A fast spreading equine influenza jumping the species boundary, or just a plain old zombie apocalypse. If you are lucky it will be only one.

Either way, you’ve got to evacuate. You have ten minutes. Now go!

Survivor is your 144-page guide full of short fiction, advice for survival, including how to create your own Bug Out Bag and the first chapters from In The End, my spine-chilling novel.

Here’s a sneak peak inside the book you can get for free by joining my email mailing list.

Survivor is beautiful in paperback, stunning in eBook and for sale through Amazon from 29th March 2019, priced £16.99 & £3.99 respectively. The eBook is available for pre-order now, but you can get yourself a FREE PDF copy of the book by signing up to my email mailing list here!

If you join my email mailing list I will send you free updates to the book, free short fiction, you’ll be entered into prize draws, get details of events I will be attending, plus you get the inside track on offers and new projects!


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