My Publishing Journey: The Magic Begins

In my latest look behind the scenes I’ll talk about the Gerrards Cross Book Fair where I sold a book and managed to get started on the next volume of SURVIVOR! Plus I talk progress of BEFORE THE END and a magical moment in my author career!


I knew it was an outside shot, but I wanted to try the book fair to see if it would be an outlet to meet readers and maybe sells some books. Despite the lovely venue, in short, it wasn’t. The demographic was skewed to a higher age group than my target market. Let’s just say I could have counted those below seventy on one hand. However on the positive side I did sell one book, my first at full price where I didn’t have to give either Amazon or WHSmiths a massive cut, (ignoring the entry fee to the book fair!)

I did however manage to use the time wisely setting out possible subjects for the next volume of SURVIVOR and get some content on the page.


Here’s an outline of what I’m thinking to include in this second volume. I won’t explain in any more detail for now, but if you want to comment or suggest any other subjects, feel free.

  • Building a shelter
  • Foraging
  • Trapping
  • Navigation (with and without a compass / map)
  • Fire (Practical attempts to light fire in the wilderness)
  • Cooking on fire (Survival Recipes)
  • Paracord / Rope Uses
  • Gaffer / Duct Tape Uses
  • Transport
  • Raiding a supermarket
  • Survival Planning Template
  • Get Home Bag (Kit)
  • Sleeping (Kit)

Plus there will be updates to the Bug Out Bag updated for free in the first edition. I will also be releasing a combined version for sale on Amazon.


Although I’ve not been actively promoting within the Facebook groups, I’ve still been interacting and I happened to check my phone one evening to see the following lovely post from someone who read IN THE END in the last few weeks.

Despite Marguerite being wrong about it being free (unless your on Kindle Unlimited), people started replying and buying both my Audiobook and Kindle editions, promising to leave a review. Not only that, it appears they’re actually enjoying it too! In particular I felt warm and fuzzy inside when one kind woman replied with those immortal words ‘Please tell me you’re writing more!’

Hearing the wonderful comments really does help to keep my motivation sky high!

In other marketing news, the mailing list builder promo I’m involved with has been progressing, with the cost per subscriber dropping below the $1 mark. I’m waiting until just before the end of the promo to do a special newsletter targeting those who have joined my list that way.

An Interview

Earlier in the week published a review of SURVIVOR and an enjoyable interview with me about my writing.


I’m around 60% through my final read-through before it goes off to a beta reader. It’s going slower than I’d hoped with work commitments getting in my way, but I hope to make some progress in this long bank holiday weekend, in between a bit of DIY and gardening in the lovely weather we’ve been forecast here in the UK.

Other News In Brief

Next weekend I will be signing copies of IN THE END in WHSmiths in Bracknell, Berkshire, which I hope will give me another chance to connect with future readers.

I’m part way through producing a large print edition for IN THE END. The formatting of the manuscript is completed and I’m just waiting for a redesign of the cover as the book has different aspect ratio. I expect it to be out within the next month or so and I will of course be reporting back with success and campaigns specific to that edition.

That’s it for now. I hope you guys have a great weekend!


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