My Publishing Journey: Onwards

This week I’ve been signing a few books and working on four to be published, plus releasing more audio, sending out treats to my subscribers and work starts again as I prepare for my second major publishing milestone!

Kingston Signing After Action Report

On Saturday I was at WHSmith in Kingston standing at the front of the store enticing people to buy my book. Within thirty minutes I sold two copes and for a moment I was excited to think Staines’ title of Zombie Town could be in jeopardy, then nothing. Zip. I stood there having some great chats with people but no one bought. After about four hours and a bit down-hearted, the wind must have changed as people started buying again. After six hours I’d sold seven books, which I take two-handed as a success!

Despite all the posters, my face in the window and at the table, plus the badge on my chest, I still witness people not quite understanding that I am the author of the book as I stand there asking if they would like a bookmark with a beaming smile.

However and for whatever reason, if the penny does drop, their whole demeanour changes and almost always are likely have a chat, some buying the book. So along with updating the bookmarks (I’ve almost gone through my first order of a thousand already!) with clearer text and a brighter image of the book, I have stickers which say ‘Signing Copies Today.’ I’ll be interested to see how they work at my next event in Windsor on 18th May!

Here’s a side by side of the old and new bookmarks. The ones on the left are the updated version. These changes are designed to give the the best chance to read the first line and to understand I wrote the thing!

Marketing & Promotion

I’ve been working on the large print edition of IN THE END and the proof should be with me in a couple of days. I’ve also received the narrations of my three short stories back from my Audiobook producer and I LOVE them. They’re loaded up to SoundCloud and the links have gone out to my mailing list and when I’m ready I’ll be doing a big promo for the launch of the large print edition, using the shorts, which will be free for anyone to listen to.

If you want to check them out then just sign up to my mailing list and you’ll get the links in the welcome email.

Other activity this week included continued advertising with Facebook to get mailing list subscribers. I’m not spending a great deal of money but I am getting subscribers trickling in.

I’ve joined a few forums to get to know people who have similar interests, whilst only giving some light promotion. I’m also been giving away copies of my audiobook to those who are willing to give me an honest review. If you have a UK Audible account then you’re welcome to a copy if I have any left.


There’s lots going on with BEFORE THE END. My beta reader is a sixth through the read and has come up with great feedback on what needs addressing. I’ve addressed all the issues found so far and I’m just waiting for the next round.

The cover is actively being designed, although my designer decided to have a little fun with me. Here’s what he sent!

Ha. Funny.

I need to come up with a tag line for the book to go on the front cover, so that’s constantly in the back of my mind. I’ve commissioned the blurb to be written using the same company who did my revised version for IN THE END. That’s due back a month from now.

I’ve also started thinking about a release strategy. The plan is currently to release the cover, open pre-orders and put IN THE END at 99p/99c on the same day to a massive fanfare. I’ll have a long pre-order period of between 2-3 months in which to promote IN THE END at the low price then feed into the pre-orders. I’ll try Amazon and Facebook ads in that period to promote IN THE END, plus I’ll be advertising to my mailing list. Hopefully I’ll get some of the blog reviews back by that time (if they are positive) and use them to drive more sales to the low priced first book.


I’ve dived back into book three and it’s great to get into almost carefree writing, knowing I can just get the stories out of my head and come back and refine when it all comes together at the end.

Next week will see at least one more interview, I’ve still got a few in the background to get ready but my concentration is fixed on the publishing schedule. Comments and thoughts welcome as always!


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