My Publishing Journey: Celebrating Independence

It’s the sale of the century. Well of the week at least.

Writing Progress

BEFORE THE END is back with my beta reader so I’ve returned to my writing projects with new energy.

The dirty draft of book three continues and although progress is going well, after writing a couple of more chapters I’m going to have to read back from the start because I can’t remember if I’ve already added certain plot points in. I’m going to just have to try not to get into editing as I read as I want to get the draft done, however dirty it is before I edit.


The second volume of my fiction / non-fiction novella, is also progressing. I’m currently working on a chapter which be updated into volume one (the free volume available to those on my mailing list) and the combined volume which will be on sale. It’s about what eventualities people may want to prepare for, basically setting out the scene as to why I’m writing the book. This was covered in about two lines of text in the first version / volume. There’s a load of facts and information to make succinct so I don’t turn it in to a history report.

Marketing & Promotion

The Kobo Independence Day Sale is now on and yours truly is in it! You can take a look at the link below and you’ll find IN THE END somewhere in amongst some other fabulous books. If you don’t want to hunt then you can check it out here, available for a limited time in the US at $0.99.

WHSmith Fleet After Action Report

My position at the front of the store last Saturday made up for the unimposing table at the side. Well I thought it did, but after 4 hours I’d had very little interest from the people of Fleet apart from those wishing me well. I hadn’t sold a single book.

I’d been standing there getting slowly disheartened that I would get zero sales to mark the start of my summer break from the in-store signings.

Still I persevered and tried to keep my mind from drifting to thoughts of the party I was going to directly from the event, when there seemed to be some switch flicked in the store. While I was signing my first sale, someone who had taken a bookmark and come to the table afterwards, another person picked up a book and took it to the till to pay. I politely asked him if he would like me to sign it and he was very greatly surprised to see the author in the store. In short succession after I sold another three books, so five in total within the last hour, plus four mailing list sign ups.

ANNOUNCING The Next Big Event!

I’m happy to announce that on 6th July I will be back in Staines Upon Thames for the third time this year. However this time I will be running a stall as part of the main High Street market. We have to pay for the spot but the footfall should be so much better than before when we were isolated in another part of the town and I think we’ve got a better idea of how to organise things so they’re clearer for the shoppers.

I’ll be once again joined by the fantastic Suzanne Rogerson, author of epic fantasy novels, plus my lovely beta reader, come female POV coach, Laura Laasko who will be joining us! I also hope to have some other author’s books on the stall and maybe a few of them will be able to join us on the day too! It will be an early start, setting up at 7am but I’m very interested to see how this situation works compared to the other settings.

That’s enough for me. I’ll be back next week with another interview and I’ll be reporting how the sale went!


  • Hopefully it’s going to be a great experience running a market stall in Staines High Street and I’m not so nervous now we’ve done it a couple of times. Bring it on!!!!
    Good luck with reading through your draft. My big tip is to read it on a device where it’s not so easy to makes changes. I sometimes read on my ipad so it feels like an ebook already.

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  • Go Go GJ!

    There are discouraging days, but you work through them. I hope you will continue to build for fanbase and get feedback from your faithful fans.

    Say a prayer for me. I am tightening up my first chapter with the help of a new writer’s group. We are going for emotional character buy in. I met a few connections this week and will be talking about a new book cover and marketing. I guess also having the podcast and blog I have to decide if I can do all of myself.

    Thanks for sharing your story about your story journey. It helps bring the reality of the time one needs to do it right.

    Thank you,


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