My Publishing Journey: Totally Absorbed!

Not too much of an update this week and not just because I normally write these posts in the evening before but totally forgot last night because I was engrossed in my second as-of-yet unpublished novel!

This week I’ve done my usual thing and once I’ve committed to something I’ve gone all in! With BEFORE THE END still out for beta read, I’ve put all my energy into reading the first of the unpublished novels CONSEQUENCES, then editing it (when I’m supposed to be writing my the third book in my IN THE END series) and reading THEIR RIGHT TO VENGEANCE, the second of the unpublished novels.

I’m loving these books so much and it’s amazing to re-read something I have memories of not being that great, only to find they have value and with a bit of editing, are something I will gladly be proud to publish.

THEIR RIGHT TO VENGEANCE, which I finished reading last night, is a real book of two halves. The first follows a dual timeline with the main character, James Fisher, in a surprising role and at the same time the second timeline follows on from the shocking end to CONSEQUENCES.

Halfway through the book the timelines come back to the single point and it’s a rollercoaster ride of action and adventure, twists and turns as you think the climax is the coming but then find there’s still plenty to go.

I loved the ending and it sets up the third book in the series, which doesn’t have a title yet. This morning I started reading the fourth book in the series, which I ‘m already thinking may be the reader magnet for the series. I’ve skipped over book three to take a pause from the action.

Book four (currently titled, OPERATION RENATA, but that will change) is a prequel, as are the next two afterwards as they follow Agent Carrie Harris, a protagonist from books 1-3, in the early days of the shadowy agency she works for.

I need rethink all the titles, apart from THEIR RIGHT TO VENGEANCE as I love that one. Plus I need to think of an overall series title and a sub title for books 4-6. I also need to take a long hard look at the genre for the series. Books 1-3 start off with a light touch of sci-fi / paranormal abilities, but those build towards the end of book 2. I knew this was a problem after trying to get CONSEQUENCES published traditionally but now it’s something I have to solve.

If anyone fancies a free read and you’re into action, adventures, thriller, light sci-fi (not spaceships) / paranormal / speculative fiction with themes of conspiracy and the military, (you see my genre problem?) then once I’ve edited CONSEQUENCES I can offer it out for beta readers in exchange for detailed or general feedback. Just email me or contact me through social media.

Excitement levels are high for this project and I have to be careful not to let it interfere with my IN THE END series so I won’t be releasing anything until at least a month after BEFORE THE END is published.

That’s it for this week. I’m on a short break next week so there probably won’t be a post for a couple of weeks. I look forward to any comments!

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