My Publishing Journey: Next!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last MPJ as last week’s post revealed the cover and blurb for BEFORE THE END plus announced the special pricing for IN THE END. This week I’m back with details of my latest event and progress on the writing, editing and marketing!


BTE has been on pre-order for two weeks now, along with ITE being priced at £0.99/$0.99, having first launched to my mailing list. I’ve been advertising on Amazon and on my Facebook pages and Facebook ZomPoc fan pages. Sales are going very well for ITE and BTE pre-orders have started to come in. I’m aiming to get at least fifty pre-orders, or at the minimum outdo ITE which hit 31 on release day.

I’ve been racking my brains for marketing ideas and one that seemed to work well this week was giving away a stock of first print editions of ITE. I advertised the giveaway on Facebook and got a decent response. All people had to do was sign up for my mailing list and message me. I now have some very grateful people who hopefully will enjoy the book and become fans. I know of at least a few sales which have come directly from this effort and if I write off the cost of the paperbacks, which I had already as they had the old blurb and a few typos, then it only cost me the postage.

The montage I used for the Facebook post.

This BTE pre-release campaign has another 50 days left and I’ll continue to report progress.

The manuscript is still with the copy editor but I’m guaranteed to get it returned by the end of September.

Amazon Sales of IN THE END @ 99p / 99c going well!

Hastings Literary Festival

The Hastings event on 30th August was a great success. Not only did I break even on the table cost, I got five more readers and mailing list subscribers plus the time flew by chatting with fellow stall holder and author Adriana Polito.

I’m now searching for more events to attend from November, but here’s some pics from the event where once again my bookmarks stole the show and prompted most of my sales.

Building The Library

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on the manuscript for FATE’S AMBITION, the first in what I’ve called the ‘James Fisher’ series. The final self-edit is completed and I’m formatting the script for my copy editor, which I’ll send off when BTE is back. The cover is all done but I can’t reveal it yet. I’m all on track for a February release, it will be ready earlier but December and January are bad months for releasing books. I’ll have to show some self control and wait until February.

I’ll shortly be working on OPERATION DAWN WOLF, the first in the ‘Carrie Harris’ series. She’s the main supporting character in the ‘James Fisher’ series and has a lot of stories to tell. I’ve chosen to work on this one next because it will be a reader magnet for both series.

I put together an update to my publishing schedule as below and put the books on an image, can’t wait to see all the covers on the page!!

I think that’s it for me. More updates coming next week! Comments welcome as alway!

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