My Publishing Journey: Looking Back

This week I’ve been making a consistant forward motion, with another milestone passed for my next release, work continues all my other projects and I plan a little diversion from my fiction writing.


Since I started this journey I’ve reached out to other authors to hear their experiences. I’ve leant a lot from these people over the last eighteen month. To mark the upcoming release of BEFORE THE END I have decided to take a look back over the interviews and reaching out to some of the those authors to see where they are now and explore any lessons they have learnt since we last spoke.

Some of the authors I still keep in contact, some I’ve actually met in the real world and I consider friends. Some have helped me out a great deal and all have something interesting to say. Between now and the release date of 8th November I will be posting these updates as I catch up with all the excitement in their lives. Watch this space.


The copy-edit came back two days before the deadline and despite my fear that it would need a complete rewrite, it took me only two days to review the edits and comments and make the appropriate changes.

Once again I learnt a thing or two from my editor. Now I know blond is for guys and blonde is for gals!

The paperback cover can now be completed and when that’s done I’ll be getting a couple of copies so I can proof read and at the same time utilise my wife’s innate sense of spotting typos!

Once that’s complete it will be issued out to ARC readers I recruited via my mailing list! If you do by chance want to pre-order, then just click at the image below!

Other Writing

I sent off FATE’S AMBITION to the copy-editor and I’ll have it back early November. For now I’m pleased to be back on to editing, and in some parts, re-writing, OPERATION DAWN WOLF. I’m making good progress and still on track for release a month after FATE’S AMBITION.

I am a little concerned I haven’t done any work on BOOK 3 of IN THE END these last couple of months so I might have to pause the rest after ODW until I can make a dent in BOOK 3!

In my downtime I’m already thinking about how I can advertise ODW as it is going to be a free reader magnet for joining my mailing list. I’m gathering props!


Sales are strong despite stopping all my paid advertising, posting on my Facebook page and Facebook genre groups only.

Also as a consequence of my increased sales I now have my tenth review and it’s very much in line with the reviews I get, highlighting that IN THE END is not like your traditional Zombie Book!

A quick note about wide sales. They’re very poor, I think maybe five sales in total, none of which have been during this promotional period despite the pricing being the same across all platforms. However, I’m not jumping straight back into Kindle Select, still heeding the ALLi advice that wide is best for authors with multiple books. I will have more than one very soon!

IN THE END will be appearing in a new Halloween cross-promotion with other same-genre authors. This is the first time I have participated in a reduced price (99c/99p) cross-promotion and I’m interested in the result. I have been involved in one for my audiobook which had very poor results but one for mailing list subscribers was a great success. We’ll have to wait and see!

Mailing List

I’ve not produced another newsletter yet as I haven’t had chance to decide on content. I’ve very mindful of not just telling everyone to pre-order BEFORE THE END. I may instead wait until 8th Oct, which will give me something interesting to say and a friendly reminder that the book will be out in a month.

My latest thinking is that I will provide the opening chapter for BEFORE THE END and offer anyone on my life who pre-orders BTE a chance to win a sign copy!

A Little Advice

I’m going to leave you with a little advice I gave to a fellow author after my last post. I’m no expert but I have learnt a lot over the last few months. Here’s the short advice I gave about the cost effective ways you can increase sales and I hope this can be of some use.

1) Write the second book!

Do it somehow! You will have two books to sell, so you’re doubling your profit straight away. If people like book one then they will buy the second one and you didn’t have to do as much marketing as amazon will push it to them for you.

2) Get a mailing list!

If you don’t have one then do it now. Get people to sign up in person (be careful of GDPR). Subscribers are worth more than a book sale as they become a captive audience who will continue to buy from you. Give them free stuff particular to your genre. It doesn’t have to cost you money to produce the content, but having something to draw them in is key.

I give away an entire book on my mailing list and next year I’ll be giving another away for free too. When I do in-person sales and I only manage to get people’s email address, I consider it a win. I have found my best ads on facebook have been for free books in exchange for joining my mailing list.

3) Find facebook groups applicable to your genre.

Join them for free. Talk to the people then you can soft sell into the groups. Some will be happy for you to place advert, some you will need to be subtle.

I could go on forever but these three things are by far the most effective ways I have found to improve sales.

Comments and questions always welcome!

One comment

  • Hi GJ,

    Moving forward, brother. Keep it rolling. Thanks for the update and some pros and cons you have learned.

    You wanted my update? I took Chronolocity through a beta read with three of my teenage students. Couple that with joining a new Sci-fi novel writer’s group, I am able to update the book for publication. As per advice I really wanted to get chapter 1 really popping. My wife, who counters my creativeness with honest practically, gave me advice fresh from a new reader’s eyes. So, that puts me in the final spicing, texturing, and marination stage of Chronolocity. Yes, it takes time in this process, but like any “meal” we serve to others its the difference between serving up a fast food meal (or leftovers) or creating a gourmet meal. I hope to serve my book to hungry fans who have an appetite for some fresh new sci-fi.

    Next steps? I have a short list of agents seeking Sci-fi. If these doors are not opened. I am seeking to resubmit and head down the self-publishing route. I few of my Neekology101 creatives and talking about doing our own publishing and marketing together. We are shooting for getting to a few cons like Wonder-Con in the spring.

    If you are a creative we love to connect with you. We are actively looking for guests to be on our podcast, Neekology101 this year. I committed to building our fanbase and network with other creatives around the world. I am learning how to create a platform online and understand all the finer points of marketing and advertising.

    Thank you,



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