My Publishing Journey: One Month to Go!

Today I have audiobook news, progress on the release of BEFORE THE END and the rest of my writing projects.


With my proof read of BEFORE THE END completed I’ve send out the book to eleven ARC readers, all recruited through my mailing list. Now I’m back on editing and reworking OPERATION DAWN WOLF and I am having a great time doing it. I’ve come up with some excellent additions to the book, all of which I think add to the atmosphere I’m trying to create.

With FATE’S AMBITION with the copy-editor and BEFORE THE END soon out of my control to do anything more with, I’m looking at once I have completed the ODW project I will concentrate on getting the dirty draft of IN THE END book 3 completed. I aim to get peace of mind that I can get it released for this time next year!


I mentioned last week I’d put BEFORE THE END on ACX and opened it for auditions. Well I received seven in total. In general I was very pleased with the quality that came back, but it came down to two narrators, and only one was in budget. So the decision has been made and I’ve contracted the narrator and she’s currently reading the book as we speak!

On the note of audiobooks, I had broken even on the production cost of IN THE END. However I had two returns, one after the other. GRRRRR! It’s the one thing I don’t like about the audible process. There is a common understanding within the community there are people out there abusing the ‘Great Listen Guarantee’ they offer and returning audiobooks when they have finished them. It may not be what happened here but it’s irritating nonetheless! Sales of the audiobook has fallen off a cliff but I’m hoping the release of BTE on audio will help boost those sales as well.

Sales And Marketing

Sales have been okay this week, ticking over with the special offer pricing, still selling between 1 and 3 books a day.

The cross promotion I mentioned last week started on Wednesday so I expect the momentum to build on that soon. The advert and the link are below if you fancy taking a look at some awesome special offers and a competition to win $50 in Amazon vouchers!

Pre-orders for BEFORE THE END are slow. I sent out another newsletter yesterday including the first chapter, but the response hasn’t blown me off my feet. I’m not disheartened as hopefully it will pick up as I get closer to release. Plus I’m ultimately playing the long game. For me it’s about building a catalogue of works. Any sales I achieve whilst I get to that point are a bonus.

I managed to send out the Halloween promo on my newsletter email and somehow the link didn’t work so I’ll have to send another next week. Doh! Maybe I’ll give them chapter two of the book. If they’re interested.

I will shortly be drawing up a list of all the things I need to do with the imminent release of BEFORE THE END. The list will be slightly longer than with IN THE END as I’m publishing wide. I’ll hopefully include the list in next weeks post.

That’s about it for me. This next week I’ll be bringing you more author updates, maybe a few new interviews and I’ll be working on OPERATION DAWN WOLF whilst trying to motivate myself to do my tax return. Wish me luck!

Comments and suggestions welcomed as always!


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