My Publishing Journey: The Little Details

This week, as always there’s been much going on as the time quickly passes before the release of BEFORE THE END!


My wife is diligently proof reading the book in her free time and I’m so glad she is having found quite a few, but minor issues with the copy. I’ve been thinking about what I need to do before the release and playing around with taking photographs I can use in the marketing. Here’s a few ideas with some props. I’ve posted them on my social media and they seem to have gone down well.

You’ll see in the far right image I now have business cards for BTE and they contain a QR Code to help me sell ebooks while at in-person events. If you missed my mid-week post all about the power of the QR Code and the updates to phone camera systems which make them such a great tool, then you can read it here.

Here’s a little list of what I have to do around the release of BTE.

  • Post Final Kindle Version – 30th Oct
  • Ditto Google play
  • Ditto Smashwords
  • Ditto Apple Books (This is going to be a pain!)
  • Send British Library copies 
  • Create Catalogue Record 
  • Add book to Goodreads
  • Contact ARC readers who have not opened the email
  • Contact ARC READERS around last week on Oct to remind them including links of where to post the reviews
  • Create a release day plan (I have taken the day off this time!)
  • Decide paperback order date. Need to upload in advance so I can maybe have copies in my hand on release day)
  • Update pricing for ITE – Back to £2.99/$2.99
  • Competition draw – Release Day
  • Send out guest posts to bloggers

No doubt I’ve missed off something important.

Audiobook production is going on in the background and I eagerly anticipate the first fifteen minutes to see if I need to give the narrator any direction or if she’s good to go.

Sales And Marketing

Sales of IN THE END have been going along on the same track as when I started the current 99c/99p promotion, selling 1-3 books a day. I’m posting every other day on the various Facebook groups with either the promotion or with the pre-order details for BTE.

I’m dabbling with Facebook post-boosting still. It’s relatively cheap and seems to get some results, i.e. new Facebook friends / followers, some of which have converted to sales.


I have plans to run a market stall in Staines again the week after my release of BTE, or the week after that if the weather is poor (Laura – Consider this your invitation 🙂 ). I’ll be running it with my author partner in crime, Suzanne and we’re also going to be running a stall at a Christmas market one evening early December.

Other Writing

I’m still really enjoying editing and polishing OPERATION DAWN WOLF. It’s coming together to be something I am very proud of. It’s so different to everything else I have written, even the format, but I know it works because it has already been professionally evaluated (in an early form) and now it’s even better.

I have such big plans for this work as I’ll be giving it away as my mailing list free book.

I have another two / three weeks left on it before it’s off for copy edit and I can then concentrate November and December on ITE book 3. It’s going to be a bit of a shock to get back into the world of the apocalypse again!

That’s about it for this week. I have so many ideas for posts in my head but no way near enough time to do them justice. However I will be releasing a new interview next week and posting some more author updates so please watch this space! Comments and questions are always welcome!

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