My Publishing Journey: Not Long Now

This week I’ve been splitting my time between the final publishing tasks for my latest release, editing my third in the queue and all things marketing!


My fabulous wife has now finished the proof read of the book so I have been able to start work on the final documents for the various places I need to publish to. It’s an awesome feeling to know it’s finally in the bag.

Also I received the first 15 minutes for BTE on audiobook and although there were a few changes to made and offering one point of direction, I’m really happy with how it’s going.

Here’s an update for what I have still to do prior to release or on release day! As I thought last week, I had forgotten some key items.

  • Upload eBook to Google play
  • Ditto Smashwords
  • Ditto Apple Books (This is going to be a pain as it will need reformatting from scratch!)
  • Send British Library copies 
  • Create Catalogue Record 
  • Add book record to Goodreads
  • Contact ARC readers who have not opened the email
  • Contact ARC READERS around last week of Oct to remind them including links of where to post the reviews
  • Create a release day plan (I have taken the day off this time!)
  • Decide paperback order date. Need to upload in advance so I can maybe have copies in my hand on release day) I have a final proof coming and once that’s checked then I can decide the date which will probably be one week before official release day.
  • Update pricing for ITE – Back to £2.99/$2.99
  • Competition draw – Release Day
  • Email Shot – Release Day
  • Send out guest posts to bloggers
  • Update my website

Want to win a signed paperback of BEFORE THE END?

If you fancy winning yourself a free paperback copy of BEFORE THE END all you have to do is place a pre-order using this link, then email me ( with the time and date of the pre-order and I’ll add you to the draw. I’ll even post for free worldwide!


I’m still playing around with ad copy and imagery for the adverts on Facebook for both IN THE END books. Below is the latest for the first book, IN THE END, which seems to have gone down really well on Instagram, although I don’t think I got any direct sales for it.

Sales over the last month have been consistent, with a bit of a spike yesterday due to my newsletter announcing the last chances to get the special offer pricing for IN THE END. I’ve worked out that I’ve sold about 90 copies during my recent promotional period of about two months. It’s a shame it’s not been at full price and 70% royalty! However hopefully it will mean lead-through sales for BEFORE THE END, which was the strategy all along!

Other Writing

I hope to finish self-editing OPERATION DAWN WOLF today and this morning FATE’S AMBITION came back from the copy editor, so ODW will be swapping places. I’m fully on track now for release of FATE’S AMBITION at the beginning of February 2020 and ODW at the beginning of March 2020.

This all means that I’ll hopefully finish the polish of FATE’S AMBITION in the next two weeks and then I’ll be starting work on BOOK THREE of my IN THE END series, with an aim to complete the dirty first draft before working on other projects, such as SURVIVOR Volume 2 or THEIR RIGHT TO VENGEANCE (the follow on to FATE’S AMBITION). Confused? I am! It’s a good job I have it a lovely spreadsheet set out in all it’s glory.

Not too much else to say for this week. Comments welcome as always and I’ll see you in the week for more updates on authors I’ve previously interviewed. I’ll leave you with a teaser image for an ad I’m working on for FATE’S AMBITION!


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