Author Interview Series: Iain Rob Wright

Described as one of Horror’s most respected authors, Iain Rob Wright is the writer of more than twenty books, many of them bestsellers. A previous Kindle All-Star and a mainstay in the horror charts, he is a prolific producer of unique and original stories. From his apocalyptic saga THE GATES to his claustrophobic revenge thriller ASBO, Iain writes across a broad spectrum of sub genres, creating both beloved series and standalone titles.

With work available in several languages and in audio, Iain Rob Wright is one of the fastest rising stars in horror, but when not writing he is a dedicated family man. Father to Jack and Molly, and husband to Sally, he is often seen sharing his family memories with his fans on Facebook.

GJ: Thank you for joining me today. You have published a lot of novels! Are you a full time author?

IRW: Yes, I have been a full-time author since I published my first book, FINAL WINTER, in May 2011.

GJ: What did it take for you to make the transition from your previous career to writing all the time and being able to sustain yourself?

IRW: I had already walked out on my job prior to releasing my first book. I’m very lucky that my debut novel was successful enough to replace my income. The secret to my success is releasing books as often as possible and valuing the readers who give my stuff a chance.

GJ: Are you traditionally or independently published?

IRW: Both, but mostly independently. Most traditional deals are worthless.

GJ: Have you always written horror or have you tried your hand at other genres?

IRW: I have written a trilogy of thriller novels featuring a protagonist named Sarah Stone. In the future I would like to try some Fantasy along the lines of Brent Weeks, Brandon Sanderson, and George R.R. Martin. It’s my favourite genre to read currently.

GJ: What drew you into the genre?

IRW: Horror has always been my love since I watched Jaws and Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s fun and exciting in a way no other genre is.

GJ: What do you find is your biggest writing challenge and how do you overcome it?

IRW: Maintaining my passion after 8 years. It’s harder to come up with ideas, and the business has become a lot more about the marketing than the writing. It would be great only to have to worry about telling stories and not all the stuff that comes after.

GJ: What is you biggest publishing challenge and how do you overcome it?

IRW: Foreign translations and film rights. I haven’t really overcome then as my rights are mostly unexploited.

GJ: What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not writing?

IRW: I love watching movies, PC gaming, and the theatre. Oh, and of course I love to read.

GJ: Whether traditional or independently published, all authors nowadays have to play a part in getting the books to new readers. What would you say has been your most successful marketing method so far in your career?

IRW: Last year Facebook advertising was phenomenal. This year not so much. You have to keep looking for what works.

GJ: Can you take us through a typical writing day? What’s your routine?

IRW: I go in the office do business stuff at about half-nine in the morning. I start writing at about noon. I finish for the day at four.

GJ: What can your readers expect from you in 2020?

IRW: 3 or 4 novels. I will be tying up my previous universe and starting a new phase of novels.

GJ: Thank you Iain for taking part.

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