My Publishing Journey: Running to Christmas

Events Update

On Saturday I spend a drizzly day with two fellow authors showing our wears and watching the edges of our books curl in the damp air. I’ll keep this one short, we didn’t sell well, but there was a silver lining. Despite only selling two books on the day when it came to pay for stall I found that there was a special promotion running and I didn’t have to pay.

The one lesson we learnt from this experience, actually a lesson we learnt in the summer but didn’t act on, was that we needed a banner above the stall showing very clearly what we’re all about. Despite all the stalls saying the same thing, everyone would look at our stall then look up and walk off, unless I grabbed them and managed to give my sales patter!

So ready for reveal at a Christmas market in Ashford next week, here it is!

I have now also booked up to return to WHSmiths in Staines-upon-Thames on 14th December. It’s the penultimate weekend before Christmas so I will be pushing the ‘Perfect Christmas Present’ angle hard.


On Saturday I received the copy-edit back for OPW, the first in my Agent Carrie Harris series and what will be my free reader magnet, and rather than slipping into despair when I read the feedback, I was very surprised to find out how positive it was. I completed the suggested updates within an hour.

To coincide with the WHSmith event I have decided to rush through the proof read of OPW and ebook production so I can release the day before. I have created some new marketing cards for book events, which look like mini books. They have the blurb in the middle and the QR code to sign up to my mailing list on the back.

Next Books

The writing of the dirty draft of AFTER THE END continues at a decent pace, with the story developing nicely so not much to say here. The proof read of FATE’S AMBITION continues without any need for comment. The audiobook for BEFORE THE END has now been completed and is waiting for me to listen and approve each chapter. I’m only getting about an a hour a week to listen, you really have to concentrate and ideally read along at the same time. I need to speed up and find some more time!

Sales and Marketing

The issue with the linking of my IN THE END series on Amazon is now completely finished, so when eventually I come out of this post promotion lull, or void, then hopefully people buying IN THE END (which I have reduced the price of down to £1.99 / $1.99 and will stay there until AFTER THE END goes on pre-order) then people should be given the best opportunity to find the next books in the series!

I’m pushed for time today so that will have to be it for now. Everything is still heading in the right direction and I just need to remember my long-term goals!

Catch you next week!

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