My Publishing Journey: Subscribe to Delight

This week has been all about the mailing list, apart from the work in progress. Then again I seemed to have been carrying a load of heavy book boxes too. I guess it’s better if you just check out the post!

Sales & Marketing

Sales have been okay, I’m glad for anything in January! Marketing is going very well with my sole aim to drive new mailing list subscribers. I’ve worked out to meet my target I need to get 5 subscribers a day and so far I’m beating that each day. I have some tweaking to do on the ads etc as it’s currently costing a £1 a subscriber which is not sustainable!

One of my ads / landing page combos is costing 11p per click with a 33% conversion to sign up. The second ad / landing page combo is costing 7p per click but with a 10% conversion. I’ve shut off the second ad which should bring my costs down dramatically.

I’ve also been organically posting in various groups, running a promotional giveaway for the 750th subscriber. Join the list if you want to be in with a chance! Links in the menu.

Event Preparation

With three weeks to go before my next event, the day after FATE’S AMBITION launches, I’m just about set. I have my imposing roll-up, wow it’s big, and a bumper load of paperbacks arrived this week. The best sight of course is seeing all four of my novels together! The pile is certainly growing. With more books coming next week I really need to find somewhere to put them!

Work in Progress

I’m on track with all my active projects, that’s AFTER THE END, LESSON LEARNED and CAPITAL ACTION. My spreadsheet is serving me well to keep me focused in the right areas. Here’s an update for all the geeks in the room. I’m enjoying working on three very distinct works, especially with each being at such different stages so I can use the time in each of the different settings to its maximum.

Other News

Last night I finished listening and reviewing the audiobook for BEFORE THE END. It’s taken a long time, partly because I don’t like listening to my own work, but it should mean a February release is a distinct reality.

I now turn my thoughts to which should be the next book to get the treatment. OPERATION DAWN WOLF should work really well as audio but it will mean employing two voice actors and having them work together. I’m also not sure what I can do about the albeit limited, but important sound effects in the latter parts of the book. It’s either that or I go for FATE’S AMBITION which is much more straight forward. Decision time.

OPERATION DAWN WOLF has now been formatted again specifically for the kindle .mobi format, and after all the effort, it only took me an hour to make some changes so it would read fine in the wrapping text format eReaders work best in. The new format will soon replace the fixed format I previously offered for sale.

That’s it for me this week. I’ve got a load of interview posts coming out soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Comments always welcomed

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