Release Day! Fate’s Ambition

Out Today!

For action and adventure lovers, my latest high-stakes tale lands today! It’s available to purchase from Amazon and to read for free in Kindle Unlimited!

It’s already getting five star reviews!

Here’s the blurb:

James can convince anyone of just about anything, but he’s seen nothing but trouble come of it, and he just wants to live a quiet, normal life. So when he and his friends are out, camping and climbing Mount Snowdon, everything seems perfect.

Then Susie, one of his friends, goes missing, and James is caught up in the ineffective police investigation that ensues. Distraught at the slow progress, he’s able to convince a higher authority to help him find Susie, but his attempt to rescue his friend soon becomes the very thing a shadowy government agency needs to hunt him down in order to harness his skills.

With an international ring of white slavers fighting their every move, James must team up with his hunter, Agent Carrie Harris, if they ever hope to save Susie and the other women who are disappearing before it’s too late. But can James put his guilt and past behind him, knowing that every time he uses his ability, someone else might end up hurt…or even dead?

If it sounds like your kind of thing then it’s available to purchase from Amazon and to read for free in Kindle Unlimited!

P.S. If you enjoy the book please can you leave a review. It means so much to me.


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