My Publishing Journey: The Joy of S&M

Writing is the easy bit. That’s what the writers say. And of course they’re right. The words come easy, but self-promotion, the advertising and the marketing, they are the hard bit. But I’m getting there. Maybe.

This week I talk about S&M, the release of FATE’S AMBITION and a successful event, among other things.

Bracknell Success

The Saturday just gone coincided, intentionally, with the release of my latest novel (the first I’d ever written). This meant I had four books to show off to the wonderful people of Bracknell.

Now I hate making excuses, but the WHSmith store where the event was taking place was quiet. Wow it was quiet. The shopping centre in which it sits was undergoing quite an extensive refit which the manager told me had been effecting trade. But that just makes the fourteen novels I sold an even greater success.

The big take away for me was that FATE’S AMBITION matched sales of IN THE END! Using the simple line ‘It’s about a guy who can make you believe anything he says with a simple touch,‘ seemed to capture people’s imagination. That coupled with the new banner, which the store manager loved, and the matching leaflets, did as well, if not better than the bookmarks.

My next event is in one of the larger stores in the region (Reading, Berkshire), which a great footfall. I’m looking forward to March to see what I can achieve. I already have a few more refinements on their way as well.

Fate’s Ambition Launch

I missed last week’s publishing update, instead choosing to use the blog spot to kick off the official launch of FATE’S AMBITION. The sales online have been weak but I’m not actively promoting it (PLEASE BUY IT!) so I’m not worried about it at the moment.

Work in progress

Over the last two weeks I’ve been keeping up with the pace on my three work in progress projects. LESSON LEARNED will be with the copy-editor at the weekend, the novella CAPITAL ACTION is almost half way through writing the dirty draft and I’m only a week behind schedule on AFTER THE END. I’ve booked a couple of days off in March so I can spend the entire day on writing and can bring it back into line. I could always take more time off if I need.

Sales, Marketing & Advertising 

The biggest part of the project taking up my mental capacity is advertising on Facebook. Here’s a round up of how it’s gone so far.

  • Week 1 – One Ad @ £5 per day = Break Even (+£ 2.56)
  • Week 2 – One Ad @ £10 per day = Loss (-£19.02)
  • Week 3 – One Ad @ £5 per day (+ Kindle Unlimited + Instagram) = Profit (+£15.89) (Not including Fate’s Ambition Sales)

This week I’m trying a different approach, adding a second advert to see if it matches success or improves on the first. I’ll check in with the results next week. You can see the new advert below.

Please feel free to let me know what you think. The results after two days look like I’lll be back to a loss again. I’m struggling to figure out why I can scale the success!

That’s about it for me, I won’t tell you about the reviewer that called OPERATION DAWN WOLF pointless. Oops, I did. After a slight knock to my confidence, I’m back up again, knowing that loads of other people have said how much they enjoyed the book and especially the concept.

Catch you next week!

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