My Publishing Journey: Insert Wit Here

With LESSON LEARNED off the copy editor on Saturday just gone, this week has mostly been about writing, writing, writing and constantly checking my phone to see how my ads are doing!

Work in progress

Both AFTER THE END and CAPITAL ACTION are progressing well. I’m still managing to get a consistent hour and a half in each day so I’m on course for the targets I set myself. There’s not much else to say about that, apart from I’m still just about resisting the urge to start working on a third big at the same time. I must keep resisting!

Sales, Marketing & Advertising 

Still one of the biggest areas taking up a lot of thought is advertising on Facebook. I’m only advertising the books for the IN THE END series directly and I’ll talk about the mailing list later. I’ve added the latest results below:

  • Week 1 – One Ad @ £5 per day = Break Even (+£ 2.56)
  • Week 2 – One Ad @ £10 per day = Loss (-£19.02) *
  • Week 3 – One Ad @ £5 per day = Profit (+£15.89)
  • Week 4 – Two Ad @ £10 per day = Loss (-£19.45)

*added Kindle Unlimited

This week I’ve taken the best performing ad, the new one I introduced for the test and made a slight change to show only the first book. Ive split the £5 a day budget between the two to see how they perform next to each other. Initial results after one full day is that they are exactly the same!

I got a lovely comment on the ad post yesterday so hopefully that will help with a bit of social proof. I will have to take that into consideration if it starts out performing the other one.

Mailing List

At the time of writing I’m up to a mailing list of 842 subscribers, adding between 5-10 subscribers a day through advertising OPERATION DAWN WOLF as my magnet.

I sent out an email last week to see if people are reading the book and if they are enjoying it. I got a few replies, all positive or that they haven’t read it yet. When I get to 2,000 subscribers the MailChimp service becomes chargeable so I have decided do some pruning on the list before I get to that stage. That will include a mail out to all my subscribers who have never opened the mail, if they don’t click a link in the email then they’re gone. Then I will look to cut deeper. I don’t care about the number in the lists, it’s all about the quality. This however is a project for another day. For now I need to keep my head on writing!

As an aside, I’ve just hit 900 Facebook likes on my page too! It may be worth boosting an advert to my followers as well.

That’s this week’s update done. Comments and suggestions always welcome. Until next week!


    • If you mean how did I technically start it then check out a post I wrote in March last year. If you mean how did you start finding people then I started with blogging friends, add it to your website, the to get other people you have to give something people want in exchange for joining. Some people will want to just join your list because they want to hear your news but most will need enticing in! A reader magnet or a background info exclusive to the list is perfect. Most of my volume came from advertising and promotions. Make sure you create landing pages for each different point of entry so you can track where the people come from so can measure success. Any questions just let me know

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  • Hi GJ,

    I think you really did a great job of marketing and advertising. I read recently that if you write for a hobby, just write and have fun. If you plan on doing this as a career, think like a businessman and give time for that. I think you have down a area I need to take to heart in the future.



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