Lesson Learned: A Blurb

With the review of the copy edit now complete, I’m at the stage were I need to get the paperback and ebook covers produced. That means I can no longer put off getting the blurb done!

With the IN THE END series these have been produced by one of the leading (and expensive) blurb writers in indie circles, whilst the blurb for FATE’S AMBITION was written by my editing agency for a fraction of the cost. With OPERATION DAWN WOLF it didn’t really call for a traditional blurb so I wrote it myself.

Carrying on the tradition of the series I thought I would give myself a shot at the blurb for LESSON LEARNED. Here goes and I want to hear what you think. Constructive, good or bad, let me know in the comments.

New recruit Agent Carrie Harris is despatched on deployment, but instead of the cut and thrust of a sprawling city, hunting the worst enemies of the state, she arrives in a foreign country and is placed with a family living in the middle of nowhere, left only with two simple commands ringing in her ears.

Observe. Report

After surviving the highly secret Special Operations candidate selection process, along with her first assignment (OPERATION DAWN WOLF), Carrie finds the slow pace of life difficult to adjust to until slowly she settles into the distractions of suburban living and friendships blossom in the unlikeliest of places. 

As the weeks go by still not knowing her purpose and with nothing other than the mundane to report, will Carrie keep focused when the tedious veneer cracks to reveal the deplorable reason for her despatch? Can she be ready to act and revert to be the honed, ruthless operator again? Will she make the right choices or be sucked in to a different life, distracted by a passion that threats to overwhelm her?

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