My Publishing Journey: Snazzy Title

Personal Update

Nothing has changed about the home situation other than my waistline is feeling the strain of the easy access to snacks and other food whilst I work from home. We were expecting to be locked down for at least another three weeks and that was confirmed yesterday so it’s no big surprise and not daunting to me in any way.

Publisher Rocket

I’ve been eyeing this up for a little while now but I finally looked into it in more detail, and with the news that they will soon switch to a subscription model, I took the plunge and bought a copy of the application.

For those of you who are not sure what Publisher Rocket is, it’s a tool which connects to Amazon’s API’s (their data) and helps you to find, among other things, AMS or standard keywords for your books. For the latter, you use it to find keywords which are commonly searched for but have the least amount of competition for the search results.

I have now used it for all my books and we’ll wait to see the effect. I do however know that now when you search for ‘British Zombie Apocalypse’ on Amazon UK, IN THE END is on the front page and the third, non-sponsored, book.

The jury is currently out and I’m working through a 30-day risk free trial, so I will let you know how that goes and as I find out the more it can do. I have also applied to become an affiliate and when I do I’ll post up the link if anyone else if interested in taking a look.


Having completed the price promotion on Sunday I’m getting a decent set of residual sales, especially for BEFORE THE END at full price, which I always had in the back of my mind.

I still don’t plan on having any more paid advertising for April as I want to let the natural sales dry up first so I can really see what the paid advertising can do. I will still be promoting on free sites.


I now have the paperback proof for LESSON LEARNED and all is in order so it’s ready for 5th June 2020. As always I’ll put the paperback on sale a couple of weeks early so I can grab my author copies. Maybe in June I can get out and about selling books again?

I’ve also updated my Carrie Harris ad ready for the new release / pre-order.

Work In Progress

Progress on AFTER THE END second draft is going well. I’m currently a little behind the target at the current rate but I have two days off work to do as much editing as I can and hopefully it will bring everything in line. I keep telling myself that the most effective thing I can do at the moment to further my author career is to get this book, and therefore the series, finished!

I think that’s about it for this week. I’ve added another piece of book display / stall furniture to my list of lockdown projects which I hope to finish at the weekend and show off to you next week.

I hope you all stay safe and comments and questions welcomed as always!


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