My Publishing Journey: The Stuff of Life

Personal Update

This week is the seventh since I’ve been working from home and six weeks since I’ve left the house, other than to run. Today I have my quarterly blood donation and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little anxious to be out in the big wide world again. It’s not that I’m particularly worried about catching the bug, I just think it’s going to be a moment to pause and think. At least it’s something different!

Work in Progress

The major edit of AFTER THE END is proceeding well and I passed the halfway point yesterday and with the another two days booked off work in May, I think I’m on target to get everything ready for beta read in June. I’ve trimmed a descent amount of fat so far and think the overall MS is going to be under 100,000 words, that is until my beta reader gets her red pen out of course!

Sales & Marketing

I had intended to wait to start a new adverting campaign in May but I was too impatient to try out the copy for the ad which had worked so well in my free ads.

I started advertising with two versions of the new copy plus one with the same copy I’d previously used as a comparison. When I went to publish I found that the two new ads were not approved and the reason did not make any sense. I asked for a review and three days later they were approved, but it meant it’s a little more difficult to compare the results. However, first data shows the new ad generates more clicks than the old one and I’m making sales across the board, breaking even or a little better most days so far.

Here’s a look at the new ad…

There’s not much else to talk about this week, having my head buried in the one MS is good for the work but not so good for the blog.

Catch you next week. Stay safe. Comments and questions welcomed as always!


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