My Publishing Journey – Is Profit Everything?

Personal Update

For those of you keeping up with the current affairs, you’ll realise we’ve had to cancel our holiday to Spain which we were due to head off on in a weeks’ time. But hey, that’s a first world problem! Instead we’ll be camping for a few nights in the UK and then going on days out and mini-adventures. Spain will still be there next year.

Today we’re moving our office out of the house and into a local serviced place. It means I’ll be back to a work / home divide and will be able to listen to audiobooks again on half hour stroll each day.


I’ve received the final instalment of Laura’s beta reading review and there’s a bit of work to do on the ending which I’ll be starting today. In a weeks’ time I know if the deadline of November is workable. I think it’s pretty obvious that I rushed this book and it’s shown in the product I delivered to Laura. It’s a lesson to learn about not imposing strict deadlines! At least with the foreign holiday off the cards, it means I will have more time to work on the book.

This week I’ve been working on the third book in the Carrie Harris Series, FROM THE DEAD. I’ve managed to solve the plot issue I knew was there, conceptionally at least. I’m about a third of the way through the book, editing and when finished I’ll get an idea of a possible release date.

I have the cover for BEGINNING OF THE END, and as always my cover designer has done an awesome job. I sent out a preview for those on my social media, as a story, so it’s gone now, but it won’t be long before I release it to my mailing list subscribers.

No update on the audiobook version of OPERATION DAWN WOLF yet.


It’s coming to the end of the month and I’ve given away over 1,100 copies of OPERATION DAWN WOLF and sold nearly 800 other books of varying formats. This month I played around with different campaigns, some of which were not successful, so I barely broke even. I’ll be leaving it all along in August, keeping both the IN THE END and the Carrie Harris series ads ticking along.

For the Carrie Harris series, I’ve recovered around 10% of the advertising cost in sales for LESSON LEARNED which isn’t sustainable.

Feedback Spot

I thought I’d start a new section today and show you some of the feedback, both good and bad, from readers.

IN THE END – Facebook Ad Comment – Read this book. Awesome could not put it down. Now half way through the second book and love it as much as the first one. GREAT READING!!!

IN THE END – Facebook Ad Comment & ***** Amazon Review – Literally haven’t been able to put the book down. Brilliant read loved every page. You can feel the anguish and excitement and terror and relief of every character. Your mind is screaming at the book, no no don’t do that don’t go there lol. Can’t wait to get the next one πŸ™‚

BEFORE THE END – ** – Amazon Review – I quit reading at chapter 20. The first book was just passable. I had hopes this would be better. The scenarios were just too ridiculous. A waste of time to continue with this drivel.

OPERATION DAWN WOLF – Facebook Ad Comment – Yes. Thank you. Devoured that and moved on to the less redacted following story.

I’m very happy with this feedback, even the 2** for BTE as it’s at least a review and not a single star.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be head down, working on AFTER THE END and I’ll let you know how I get on.

Comments and questions welcomed as always.


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