Personal Update

I spent last Friday to Sunday hiking around a third of the Isle of Wight having previously covered the other two thirds in recent year. As always, it was great to see my friends and spend so long with them and of course the sights were amazing as always. Seeing the Needles jutting out of the sea in person was a particular highlight, the many mosquito bites were the lowest.

On the first night we camped at a wonderful woodland site, sleeping amongst the trees in an ancient woodland. I hope to take the family back there in the coming years as I’m sure they’ll enjoy it too.

Next year my gang of friends will be going to go canoeing again, we just have to find somewhere other than the River Wye as our destination.

Sales and Marketing

As mentioned last week, the audiobook for OPERATION DAWN WOLF dropped last Friday and this week I have been giving out audible promo codes to garner reviews. The process has been pretty successful, having given out around 30 codes after posting in Facebook groups specifically formed for this kind of thing.

Now I just have to wait and see if the reviews come in. Audible used to pay the author for each credit redeemed, but those terms changed earlier in the year because people were producing very short audiobooks at a low cost then they used redeeming farms to make a load of money.

General sales of the IN THE END series are plodding along nicely this month, pretty much in line with the analysis I showed last week, so they’re tailing off. I’m determined to keep the campaign going though so I can see the results with a consistent advertising strategy.

Work in Progress

I’m still plodding along with the edit of FROM THE DEAD, and I’m nearly three quarters the way through. I spent some time over the weekend talking through the plot issue I’ve been working on and together we’ve come up with an excellent refinement. I think it will only be another couple of weeks of work before I start from the beginning again and do a more technical edit.

It’s around this time I think I can expect the copy-edit of AFTER THE END to potentially come back, and of course when it does I will will be setting the Carrie Harris work to the side to concentrate on this release.

That’s about it for me for now. I’ll catch up next week with an update on progress. Comments and questions welcomed as always.

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