Personal Update

Those regular followers of my blog will know I’ve been off work this week in order to landscape my front garden. Since Monday I’ve been hard at it and made great progress despite the rain. Yesterday we laid six tonnes of gravel but it wasn’t enough and I have another four tonnes on its way tomorrow! And yay, it’s going to be raining again!


I continue to work on FROM THE DEAD having started a new editing phase. Preparation for the release of AFTER THE END continues with the paperback having been approved, including the minor change to the cover, plus the ARC has gone out to the team for reading and review ready for release on 27th November.


LESSON LEARNED on is on a Kindle Countdown deal and I’ve had no sales but I am getting some downloads of OPERATION DAWN WOLF off the back of it. I guess this is because although you can read the books in any order, it is stated as number two in the series. Amazon doesn’t allow for linking of books without numbering their order.

Selling this series is proving to be a hard nut to crack. My plan is still to release FROM THE DEAD then the novella CAPITAL ACTION. I will try changing OPERATION DAWN WOLF to 99p. CAPITAL ACTION will then be the free book to my mailing list subscribers but I’ll probably have it at 99p on Amazon. This is both so I can give it as a gift to my subscribers and so I can trial this pricing for a month or so for the rest of the market as I’m not sure free books are working for me.

Looking to the future, discussions with other authors in the Zompoc sub-genre confirm that the appetite for the sub-genre is diminishing, whereas it is growing for other post-apocalyptic sub-genres. This backs up my existing plans for my next series to be a different PA sub-genre, possibly EMP.

Other sales remain the same, dropping as the month goes on, but this is as expected. Hopefully they will pick up at the start of the month. However if you consider the steady tickle of pre-orders for AFTER THE END, it’s a much better situation.

Plans for the Christmas fair on the weekend of 21st November are progressing with the organisers, but as always we’ll have to wait and see if it goes ahead. I will make sure I order a few copies of AFTER THE END so I can have the opportunity to see the complete series!

I think that’s about it for this week. Back to work next week and it will hopefully mean more time for writing and for my muscles to stop aching!


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