Personal Update

We’re back in lockdown again here in England, however I can’t complain. I work in a serviced office with just my wife, i.e. one household, so I don’t have to work from home. Plus I completed the bulk of my landscaping project last week, so life’s not too bad. We have to just hope that Christmas can be somewhere near normal this year and for us this means seeing our friends on Boxing Day.

There’s still a bit of tidying up to do, but it’s mostly complete!


The lockdown has meant one of the Christmas fairs has had to be moved by a couple of weekends but at least it’s still happening! We’ll have to wait and see if it can go ahead nearer the time.

Sales & Marketing

After getting a recommendation from Seth Rain who I interviewed earlier in the week, I’ve sign up IN THE END and OPERATION DAWN WOLF for promotions with two mailing list marketing sites. These kick off this weekend so I’m hoping for good results. Most of the time I’m disappointed with these kind of things but I’m willing to give them a go as they have worked for some people. I’ll report back next week on progress.

With confirmation of the final revenue value of audiobook sales for September I did rather better than expected in that month. The audiobooks are so variable in value depending on the way the customer purchased the books which means I have to wait a month until I can confirm the profit for that month. The Amazon revenue is also variable, but not as significantly as Audible. The final value showed my profit had double that of what I’d accounted for.

General sales are okay and consistent, so not much more to say there. It won’t be long before AFTER THE END is out and in February I will start looking at trying to scale the Facebook ads again.


I continue to spend the bulk of my writing time on the edit of FROM THE DEAD, the third Carrie Harris thriller, and I’m just over half way through the current edit. In my free time I have also started outlining the world and plot for another series which will be in the apocalypse / post-apocalyptic genre.

I originally had thought of an EMP setting, i.e. total loss of anything electrical, but instead I’m working on the concept of an environmental / biological disaster which involves a super volcano eruption. It’s early days and I’m outlining the background but soon I’ll start working on the plot. I might find it’s an unworkable idea but I’ve certainly decided this book will be heavily planned and not just pantsed.

Thoughts have turned to the audiobook for AFTER THE END. All I have to do is get hold of my original narrator, which is proving a little difficult!

That’s about it for me. Hopefully I should have lots to report next week! Comments and suggestions welcomed, as always.

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