Having run with no Facebook ads since the start of December, I’m seeing a difference in my sales pattern. Kindle Unlimited pages reads are still high and now have the addition of AFTER THE END, so the numbers are very good. Paperback sales have stayed the same but I’ve had a few days when I’ve had zero Kindle sales, and the same for audiobooks. However because I’m only spending a limited amount of marketing (I’ll get to that in a bit,) my profits are about five times a typical month. That’s one of the only things that has stopped me just restarting the ads again. The aim is not to start back until February when the natural sales low has passed. We’ll see if I can hold until then.

I’m currently running KDP ads in the USA and UK, but I’m getting barely any clicks and my first sale came after one week. I can only put this down to the cover of IN THE END as the only things to draw someone in are the cover, the price and the number of ratings / reviews, the latter are fine. However, due to the nature of KDP ads, I’ve barely spend any money on this so far. I will need to take a look at keywords to see if I can’t widen the reach.

The other thing I’ve decided to do is test out different paid and free marketing services. I’m looking at services, either websites or mailing lists, that promote discounted books. If they’re below £10 then they’re a no brainer for the test and I’d also consider a higher fee if they seem reputable. So far I’ve tried a couple and there have been no staggering success I can put down to the services I’ve tried so far. However I’ll keep on working through these services.

Sales on the non-zombie books have continued to be non-existent but the only marketing I’m doing so far is to give away OPERATION DAWN WOLF for free. There’s a bunch of page reads for the follow on book but nothing exciting.


I’m making excellent progress on CAPITAL ACTION, the Carrie Harris novella whilst the full novel, FROM THE DEAD rests. I’ve almost finished the first complete draft and with two days off the day job next week, I’m hoping to make a good dent on the second draft.

The Audiobook for AFTER THE END has now been contracted out to the narrators and I’m aiming for a completion date of the end of February which should mean hitting the virtual stores around late March time. Progress on LESSON LEARNED is also moving forward.


The big deal of this week has been preparing for the one and only Christmas event of the year. It should be great fun, despite the COVID precautions. If you’re near Wokingham (close to Reading, Berkshire), then why not pop along. Along with my books, I’ll have range of author’s works covering a wide range of genres.

That’s it for me this week, I must get back to writing. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.


  • Hi GJ,

    Fantastic, brother. Would you ever be interested in being on our podcast, Neekology101 and talk about your series? I do now have a Horror writer our cast who would love to talk shop. Our focus is usually the characters and the take away from their lives. Let me know. Not a rush, just planning ahead.

    Thank you,


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      • Hi GJ,
        If I were to pick one or two platforms to pay for advertising my book which do you recommend I am in the Sci-Fi genre. Did you listen to the podcast?



      • Hi Gary,
        I would first try experimenting with Facebook, then KDP AMS. With Facebook I suggest you read up on it or take a course, at least to get the basics.
        I’ve not had a chance to listen to the podcast but I’ll get on it.

        Many thanks


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