As I posted my summary 2020 last week I have two weeks to catch up on news.

On the personal front the family and I managed to have a good Christmas and New Year. We made the most of it despite not being able to see our friends and even managed to recreate some of the fun of New Years Eve. I’m very optimistic for the new year, hoping that normality is only a few months away.

Sales and Marketing

Sales continue to track much the same as they did in December and I’m making a reasonable profit despite only minimal advertising. I’m currently only running AMS ads and third party mailing list campaigns. Still the pages reads and Kindle sales trickle in. I won’t be doing anything much to change the strategy until February and I haven’t decided what the strategy will be.

IN THE END is coming to the end of its latest Kindle Select quarter this month which means it will be eligible for a new free promotion. Running another giveaway maybe a good way to go.


Over the last two weeks I completed the latest edit on CAPITAL ACTION, a Carrie Harris novella, and it’s off for manuscript review with the editing agency I use. I’ve completed the run through of FROM THE DEAD, a Carrie Harris novel, using ProWritingAid, so it’s ready to start another manual editing pass. However, because I’ve received the beta-read comments back from awesome fellow author Laura Laakso, I’ve been spending much of my time addressing the very useful comments. There’s probably another week or so work involved until I send it off for the next stage. I really wish there was more time in the day!

On the audiobook front, this weekend I’ll be returning my comments on the narration for LESSON LEARNED which will mean it will only be a couple of weeks before the approval starts with ACX.


I now have nine events booked for 2021. Two are due at the end of March so hopefully things will be looking a lot brighter then. I’m still keeping my eyes open for more in the local-ish area.

That’s it for this quick update. Back to editing. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.

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