I now have two novellas away for copy editing so I’m splitting my efforts between the final edit / read-through for FROM THE DEAD, scrawling in red pen across the printed manuscript, and writing for the new post-apocalyptic series.

The new PA series is going well and is sucking up all my offline creative thoughts. I love it when I have these early ideas and more often than not I get to think about them when I’m running. If I come up with an idea, the first thing I have to do when I get back is to grab a square of notepaper and write a note so I won’t forget the inspiration. Whilst working on the first novel I’m also thinking about the wider arc of the series. I’m currently aiming for it to consist of five books. When I get any free time I’m researching advice from other authors about how to write or plan series.

In other work in progress news, the audiobook for AFTER THE END should be starting production very soon! I have spoken with both of the narrators recently and I’m so excited to hear the audio, despite hating the process of approving it!


I keep trying to stop myself from thinking about what I am going to do next month for advertising. I find it very distracting. I’m keen to see what adding in a Facebook marketing campaign will do to my current sales as I’m again on track to make another reasonable profit, mostly from Kindle page reads and I’m only advertising using Amazon (AMS). The reason I don’t want to do anything right now is that having the novella for each of the two series will be a game changer and my marketing will switch to selling / giving those away, whether that’s through advertising my mailing list, or the links on Amazon.


I have some very exciting news about a friend. I’ve known for quite some time now, but I’m only just allowed to tell you all. I’ve known James Norbury since we met in the first weeks of university and ended up living together in a student house for three years. Despite the distances between where we live we end of seeing each other, Corona aside, at least once a year.

He’s a really good artist and has designed all but my Carrie Harris series covers. Well now his cover designing days have come to an end due to his beautifully illustrated, Buddhist philosophy inspired adult picture book being picked up by an imprint of Penguin Roundhouse! Late last year James signed with Eve White Literary Agency, a triumph in itself and within a couple of weeks his work was being auctioned to major publishing houses due to the massive amount of interest. He soon signed a deal with Penguin for them to publish his book in September this year. Here’s the official announcement.

Now he is snowed under with this work until at least April, and hopefully this is a springboard for even better things. The first thing, after telling him how jealous and proud I was, was to get him to agree to an interview on this blog and he will happily do so closer to release date. In the meantime I suggest you take a look at his wonderful drawings on his website,

That’s about it for me this week. More of the same planned for this week, but we’ll see what happens as I step back into the new reality I’m creating.


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