Last Friday I received three sets of concepts for the cover redesign. Jessica provide the concepts for both Operation Dawn Wolf and Lesson Learned. Each of them were great in their own way but I had a clear favourite. After consideration one set looked too much like those you would find on a DVD and the other seemed more urban fantasy than action / adventure.

I then showed the concepts to friends, readers in the genre and authors who like the genre, but I didn’t tell them my preference. Nine out of the ten came back with the same choice as I had made. The next day I gave the designer my choice and now I just need to wait for her to come back after making revisions and tidying them up.

I thought about showing them off here but I don’t want to ruin the impact when they have been completed.


The Gemini Assignment – An Agent Carrie Harris Action Thriller – I’m 80% into my final read-through before the manuscript heads off to the proof reader. Once it has been proof read it will only leave me with formatting and then I’ll be waiting for the covers. It’s still to difficult to set a publication date and anyway, without the cover ready I can’t set up the pre-order on Amazon.

I haven’t been working on any other project during this time, but next week I’ll be back on the Purple Rain series and I’ve set aside one whole day for writing next week as I have some time off.


This weekend in place of a cancelled craft market in Cranfield I will be back on a stall at Staines Market in the high street. Let’s hope the weather is kind to us.

The following week I will be at my favourite event, which is the two day craft fair in Sindlesham, Wokingham. After that I have another market and a craft fair before the end of the year.


Analysis of my sales for October showed no impact by using AMS. In the US I achieved a ratio of £1 in sales to every £20 spent on advertising and in the UK it was £1 in sales for every £2 in advertising. As you can imagine I have turned off the US ads but kept the UK ads for now. My revenue for October was half what it was in the previous months. I haven’t yet given up on AMS but I need to do more research. Perhaps one day I might think about recovering the IN THE END series…

My mind is also turning to how I am going to advertise the Carrie Harris series and I think I will be trying AMS first. I’m hoping for more success because of the wider genre and the excellent covers. I’m also thinking about trying Facebook again, but I’m not so keep on that avenue anymore.

I had a pretty good response to the 99c/99p promotion for IN THE END after advertising across my fan club / facebook and through my mailing list. We’ll wait and see what comes of sales of the other books in the series. As usual after a sale, I’ve had a lull in kindle purchases over the last few days.

The Ops Centre membership is growing slowly, but still in the right direction. I need to find some more authors in the genre to interview.

That’s about it for this week. Comments and suggestions are welcomed as always.

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