The big news this week is that I’ve finally revealed the new covers for the three current Agent Carrie Harris books. Here they are in all of their glory!

I’m currently working my way through updating the many places where they appear, including my website, the web store, Amazon and the wide locations. I can’t wait to get a paperback copy in my hands.

Feedback so far has been really amazing, but the key test will of course be how the new reader reacts to them when they’re on the virtual and real life shelves.

Jessica at Jessica Bell Design has done an amazing job, was highly professional and so easy to work with. If you’re in the market for new covers then she’s definitely worth getting in contact with.


The Gemini Assignment – With the proof reading completed, picking up quite a few issues which are now resolved, it’s ready! I’ve set a release date of 10th December, which is three weeks away! Today is also the day I reveal the cover and open the pre-orders!

As some of you can imagine, there is still much to do, but the primary task will be to get copies out to a selected band of ARC readers. Here’s the link if you want to pre-order a copy!

Purple Rain Series Book 1 – I’m 75,000 words out of 102,000 through this second draft. Although I would like to get the done by January, it’s likely to be well into the new year before I’m on to the next revision.


Last weekend was the Sindlesham Craft Fair, an event I’d previously done well at. The first day was pretty slow and with only a couple of handfuls of sales, I staring down the barrel of making a loss. Then the Sunday came and within an hour of opening I had a smile on my face as the sales just kept coming. In the end I sold 19 copies of my books, a t-shirt and 3 books for my author friends, turning over around £300 for the weekend. My gross profit was around a third of that, which is a record. If you look at it as an hourly rate it’s still poor but when you consider it’s selling books then it’s a great figure.

I also had quite a few people come up to me who’d bought books at the last event to tell me how much they enjoyed them, or to pick up the next in the series if they hadn’t yet read them all.

I’m already looking forward to the next event they hold!

I have two more markets before the end of the season, and I’m crossing my fingers for matching the success. If only I would have my new paperback covers in time to show them off!


Page reads are still up and down and if it wasn’t for steady audiobook sales I’d be right down in the dumps. Ebook sales are practically non-existent. Which is odd, but I’m trying not to linger on why for now. I still have ads on UK AMS and I’m marketing on a one to one basis, so I’m not sure really what’s changed. I guess only time will tell. Still I forge on!

That’s it for this week, I now have to go off and put the announcement for THE GEMINI ASSIGNMENT across my channels! Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.

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