This weekend will be an important milestone in my life and that of my eldest daughter’s. She turned eighteen a couple of weeks ago but this weekend is the first chance we’ve had (mainly because she’s been celebrating with friends) to take her so she can buy her first legal drink in a pub! We’ll try not to embarrass her too much!


Out of the Blue – A Carrie Harris Action Adventure Short Story – The updates following my editor’s comments are now complete and with just a proof read from my wife, it’s almost done. Except I have to write a blurb. My favourite task… Not! Then its on to formatting, creating an A6 print and getting it loaded on to Ko-fi and then promoting.

Stopping Power – A Carrie Harris Supernatural Thriller Short Story – This is off to the editor and I’ve drafted a cover which seems to have gone down well. I’m happy to hear your thoughts on the cover for this Carrie Harris / Zombie crossover.

Blood Rain – Book 1 – I’m 86% through the current revision and the total size has tumbled to 94,000 words. Hopefully we’re on the home straight. I’m not planning to do any other writing until I get this draft completed, or I get a shiny new idea and start another short story!


My next event is in Thame, Oxfordshire in a week (2nd April) and with a new stock of books I’m raring to go. Let’s hope this one is as good as Salisbury!


There’s still not much going on here to get excited about. I’m still selling the odd book and audiobook here and there and kindle unlimited is up and down, but with the amount of writing I’m doing I’m not really motivated to move that effort over to promotion or advertising on Facebook or Amazon.

That’s about it for me for now, there is something really exciting going on in the background, but I’m going to be a tease as I don’t want to jinx it. You will definitely find out in time, one way or the other. Comments and questions are always welcomed.

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