After a wonderful long weekend where I started building a bench out of leftover sleepers, spent time relaxing and enjoying the sun, whilst still having time to have some fun, it’s back to work!


Scarlet Rain – Weather Apocalypse Series Book 1 – Despite having lost two writing days due to the long bank holiday, I’m 9,000 words into the new edit. It’s progressing well, and I’m taking my time to get the maximum out of this round, not being lazy and leaving anything to be picked up later.

I haven’t worked on any other fiction so I’m managing to stay focused!


Last Saturday I was at Wokingham Town Hall at a craft fair selling books. The first part of the day was awesome and I was on course for a record breaking event, but then the sales just stopped. Footfall fell off the cliff as the sun blazed outside. Still I managed to record a modest profit, which would have matched Thame if it wasn’t for the higher costs.

The table layout was a bit of a challenge as I was situated in the middle of the room and had to dress the table to look good from both sides. I think I managed it and made the best of being able to talk to people going around the stalls in either direction.

My next planned event is in Witney, Oxfordshire in a month’s time.


Not too much to talk about here, I got a decent few sales of STOPPING POWER when the booklets arrived (finally!), and I hope to do some more promo in the coming weeks. I’m now selling the booklets of the three short stories in a bundle for £3 plus postage, which is a total of £5 in the UK. A bargain! If you’re interested in supporting me and grabbing three awesome signed short stories then you can get them from my web store.

Feedback from those who have read STOPPING POWER has been great so far, with everyone who has read it wanting me to write a full crossover novel.


I’ve decided to dip my toe into Wattpad to see if I can use my short stories on that site to get more readers. I’m not sure if it will work as I guess they’re used to freebies, but it has no cost attached to it and I’ve put HARM’S WAY. You can check it out for free here.

In other news, the work in the background with the film and TV agent is rumbling on, with my last email conversation with the producer being only yesterday.

That’s it for this week, and as always, your comments and suggestions are welcomed!

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