Agent Carrie Harris Undead Novel – With everything that’s been happening since the new year, the new found joy of writing short stories, exploring screen adaptions etc and not being able to decide what I next want to write after considering what will keep me entertained and what works commercially, last night I had a epiphany.

I’m going to write this undead novel still, but instead of spending a year producing the book, I will write and release it in episodes, like a TV series. At first I will produce a detailed outline for the series and each episode, write at least two episodes, and have them edited to completeness, then release each episode in a scheduled way as I write the rest. The release schedule will probably be a little less than once every month.

Once the series of 15 or so episodes is complete, I will bundle them up in a full novel and produce in the normal way. I’m not sure if the episodes will just be available on Kindle as I might do some very short runs of the A6 booklets as many people prefer them. This format follows perfectly in the footsteps of STOPPING POWER.

I’m so excited about writing this I’ve shelved the first Scarlet Rain book for a very short while whilst I produce the outline. I’ve promised myself I will pick it up again very shortly.

Scarlet Rain Series – Book 1 – Notwithstanding what I’ve just said, I’m nearly halfway this the current edit and I anticipate there is still another 6 weeks of daily working to complete until the next round is needed, which I hope is just a complete read-through and processing with ProWritingAid.

I’m currently in a pretty familiar mental position with this work due to its current stage. Most of the work is done but I’m insecure about whether its any good and has the right ingredients (action, intrigue etc) to keep my fans entertained. I’m trying to focus my thoughts on making sure it is the best it can be, I’ll definitely be putting out a pre-copy edit to readers of the genre to see if it stands up to their test.


Sales are ticking along, as are various mailing list promotions which I think are having some effect. I have an event running tomorrow (Saturday) in Witney, Oxfordshire, which I’m looking forward to and I have two new things to try out on the table, although the most important addition has yet to arrive!

Until I had the eureka moment about my next work I wasn’t going to do a post this week, as there’s not much been going on other than just doggedly hacking away at the keys. There’s no bench update this week because either the weather has been poor or I’ve been busy at the weekends, however it’s looking good for Sunday.

That’s it for this short update. Back next week for a download on performance at Witney and we’ll see if I get back to Scarlet Rain.

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