Here’s the blurb!

A helpful guide for authors, whether established or just starting out.

Despite writing and publishing eight novels, two novellas and an array of short stories over ten years, I still remember how daunting it was to start with a blank page.

This book is intended as a guide for anyone thinking about writing a book or those who have written a book but its sales are stalling. Presented in two sections, we’ll take a journey through the writing process before delving into strategies to get your book in front of reader’s eyeballs.

Covering a range of topics, including the basics of writing, editing, cover design, blurbs and publishing, I pass on the many tips and tricks I’ve learnt along my journey to get you started and help prevent you from making costly mistakes.

I’ll introduce everything you need to know to get your books selling, from building your community on social media, advertising and selling in person, all with an aim to fast-track your sales with my tried and tested methods.

As part of promoting I have produced a short bit of writing for social media and for my mailing list about the things I wish I knew before I started writing, plus I have my author copies now, one of which I’ve already sold a signed copy of. There have been a few other sales and pre-orders, but the real marketing starts once I have the ARC reviews in place, which I’ll chase up today.

I’ve had some new leaflets printed up, one for STOPPING POWER and one for YBWSI, mainly aimed at my events but they’re also good for when I send out signed books. They’re the cheapest form of print and help to sate my addiction to print!


I’m on the final few chapters of the first editing run through Their Right to Vengeance. The progress has slowed because these latter pages need quite a bit of work as the setting and action are a bit more confused than I’d hope. Another week should do it.

I’m at chapter 27 of reviewing the audiobook for STOPPING POWER and in the most part I’m very happy with it, but there is one Scottish character I need to re-listen to as it’s not sitting quite right and I think if I want it changed I’m going to have to pay for it to be re-recorded in a different voice. There’s no point releasing something I’m not happy with.

I’m not working on anything else at the moment, but I have got the other non-fiction book I keep thinking about. I think I may well continue to jot ideas down and then see if there is enough content, and if it is interesting, to release something.

On the back of YBWSI, I’ve been thinking about all of the stuff I didn’t include, such as a more detailed section on Facebook advertising (which by the way is still running and is going well), and Amazon A+ content (which I’m also testing out.) There will be many more areas that I can expand the book, and I will, but I want to do another separate book, not a new edition, in order than I can sell both. Whereas the first book was targeted at beginners, the second could be for intermediates. We’ll see.


Tomorrow is my next event and I’ll be in Newbury for the first time, so it will be great to see how it fairs. Are they zombie or action fans? Hopefully a bit of both!

That’s it for this week. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always.

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  • GJ,

    Hello my friend. Hope you are good. Like always you are plugging away with creative things. Praying your week is productive.

    Thanks, Gary


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