Things have sped up on the second major revision read through of THEIR RIGHT TO VENGEANCE as I’ve covered well over 10% of the manuscript in a week, doing two reviews at once to hopefully end up with a high quality manuscript at the end ready for processing through ProWritingAid.

Other than jotting down a few ideas for the next writing and publishing book, that’s all I’ve been writing.


I’ve been doing a lot of work on this in the evenings and in particular, A+ content for my Amazon product pages. I now have new and improved content for all books from the IN THE END series and for STOPPING POWER. I’m most proud of the one for IN THE END! If you’re interested then you can check it out on Amazon. Time will tell if it helps with conversion of clicks to sales.

Although my Facebook ad has been bringing in the sales I felt like it had slowed down and so I refreshed the advert with a new one, using the content from last month, at the same time I doubled the daily budget and wait to see if what happens! I’m also running a test ad for STOPPING POWER to see if I can get it moving even though it’s only one book, doesn’t yet have an audiobook and does not have many reviews. It’s way too early to tell.

In addition to all of this I decided to run a flash sale on the first book for IN THE END and STOPPING POWER. I’m very interested to see if the low price for IN THE END gets me a larger quantity of sales in conjunction with the Facebook ad, and for STOPPING POWER I want to get more reviews. Again, it’s too early to see how this goes. If STOPPING POWER is not responding to the advertising and sale then I will can it after the weekend. I will give IN THE END more time to see if the adverts have scaled.

Here are the links if you want to support the sales!




I’m at Devizes in Wiltshire this weekend and very much looking forward to it, hoping the nice weather we have on the horizon will bring people in and not the opposite!

I’m sure I’ve done much more this week but I’ll have to stop here as I have lots to do! See you next week.

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