Pre-orders Open!

The next milestone has been hit and today you can pre-order In The End on Kindle ready for its release on 30th November 2018!

Advert ITE1 Nov Preorder

In honour of the latest exciting step in the journey I’ve got some amazing interviews coming up this week. We have a second winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award, an indie author who has sold over 1,500,000 books, yes you read that right, and many other great nuggets!

I’ll leave this short post with a quick tip I’ve just learnt, which also just happens to give you the opportunity to place your pre-order, if it’s the Kindle edition you’re after!


Quick Amazon Tip

If you want to share your Amazon product link to a website where you have to display the URL, such as Twitter or Facebook, you’ll find the link you get by navigating to your product page looks awful, see below:

Displaying the above link on your beautifully crated social media post is just going to detract from your hard work. There are many URL shortening services around, none of which I have used, however you can shorten the link yourself. All you need to keep is Amazon’s ASIN and the link works fine. Just delete everything else.

Below is the stripped back link which works for In The End

Plus the one for the US too:



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