Publishing Update: Ten Days to Go!

With ten days to go until release day I’ve been mega busy cramming all my time with doing anything that I think will help promote my book.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • I’ve been seeking out more high profile interviews and trying to grab their attention for long enough to make a request. This is going well and I’m having simultaneous conversations with about four people as we lay down an interview in the style that I used for bestseller Mike Wells.
  • I’ve also been undertaking the more standard interviews with loads of other authors and for the first time I’ve interviewed an editor / literary consultant about their perspective on the industry and I’m working towards an interview with a literary agent!
  • I’ve conducted two more interviews with me as the subject, which should release either on or around release date.
  • I’ve also been invited to provide In The End to two reviewers and I’ve paid for a review service (the fee goes to charity). Out of everything I’ve done so far sending out the book for review is probable the most nerve wracking part of the process. To think that not only are people who I don’t really know and who have no connection to me are reading the book, but who I am also inviting to give their opinion on it and to do so in public. This could go one of two ways. My heart is racing just thinking about this!
  • I’ve pretty much exhausted my contacts, both in person and through social media. These are people who actually know me and I think with a success rate of around 25% I’m doing pretty well.
  • So far I have 27 pre-orders of the kindle edition, plus I know of many people more who have promised to buy the paperback when it’s out too.

That’s it for the update, I’ve got to get on to more promo work. Wish me luck!


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