My Publishing Journey: Back to Editing!

It’s been another interesting week with some highs and lows, but I’m cracking on with my eyes set on the horizon.

Before The End

My beta reader has been hard at work pulling apart BEFORE THE END and doing a great job. Most of the points she’s raising are minor and only need a sentence re-write or additional explanation here and there. However she has stumbled upon a significant issue with some of the characterisations and motivation of the MC, Jess. I won’t go into any detail whatsoever, but it will mean a complete rework of most of the book to tailor to the changes I’m going to make to fix this.

At first I was a little crestfallen as I was comfortable with where I was in the process, but now I’m looking forward to bringing out more depth from the characters and therefore hopefully making it a better read. That’s what this all about of course. I owe Laura big time!

I had wanted to launch in the summer but now, although I will be working my socks off to release as soon as I can, I will be happy to get it out before the anniversary of IN THE END on 30th Nov. While I work on these edits I’ve halted work on both the third novel and SURVIVOR Volume 2 in place of the reworks and research.

New Releases

To celebrate the release of the large print edition of IN THE END, wow it’s a wopper see below, I’ve released my three short standalone scenes narrated by Jim Harbourne (the same narrator who voiced and produced my audiobook) and you can listen to them here on SoundCloud for free. I hope you get chance to check them out. If you like the style then you’ll love the audiobook!

On that note, Aubible have recently changed their policy on the free audiobook codes given out to ACX authors and narrators. The previous policy was to provide 25 codes for your chosen marketplace (US or UK), these codes would work the same was as an Audible credit and could be used for any audiobook, but were supposed to be used for the author’s book.

As you can imagine the system was completely open to fraud from the listeners, robbing the author of much needed reviews. I’ve recently found this is widespread. However I’m happy to report that Audible have now tied the code to the book and also automatically provide you with 25 codes for the UK and 25 codes for the US. I say automatically, you have to press a button in the all-new fancy dashboard they provide for managing the codes.

So if anyone would like a free code to listen to my audiobook of IN THE END (US or UK) and you’re happy to provide an unbiased review, then contact me and I’ll make it happen, subject to availability of course.

Marketing and Promotion

For the second time I’ve tied up with a whole bunch of PA authors, all of which are much more popular than me, for a promotion of a large catalogue of fiction. There’s a website full of Kindle Unlimited, special offers, free books and loads more, including audiobooks. Please feel free to check it out. There’s also a chance to win $50 of Amazon voucher.

I have both SURVIVOR, via my mailing list sign up, and my audiobook of IN THE END tied into the promotion. In the first two days of the promo being live I’ve achieved over fifty mailing list sign ups (with a little help from a continuous Facebook ad campaign in US, UK and Australia.)


On 30th August I have a table at the Hastings LitFest, which is a festival for authors to showcase their books. I have my table placement (16) and it’s in a prime place near the entrance. If you’re in the UK and fancy a trip to the seaside, why not pop along!

This Saturday I’m in WHSmith again, this time it will be in the famous town of Windsor which is just down the road from my house and looks out on to Windsor Castle. It’s a shame it’s not this weekend the royal baby is announced, the place would have been packed!

This will be first event I use the version 3 bookmarks and I’ll let you know if they help to draw people to buying the book, or at least understand that I wrote it.

Next week I’ve got a stack of interviews queuing up. Most are from unknown authors, those starting their journeys just like me.


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