Author Interview Series: Gerald Rice

Gerald Dean Rice is the author of several short stories and novels, including The Zombie Show, Tales from an Apartment, and Fleshbags. His most recent book, Dead ’til Dawn was published by Amazon in 2016 and he edited the anthology Anything but Zombies for a division of Simon & Schuster. He is currently working on The Bureau of Retired Spells and Broken Magic. He lives in Metro Detroit with his wife and kids.  

GJ: How long have you been writing fiction for?

GR: My first novel was published in 2010 but I’ve been writing since I was in high school, way back in the early to mid 90s. I’m not ashamed to say I wasn’t very good back then.

GJ: What do you get up to when you’re not writing?

GR: I still have a full time job in an office. I’m also married with two kids who keep me busy. Oh and yard work. Lots of yard work.

GJ: Do you write anything other than the horror genre?

GR: I actually just finished the first draft of a new novel called “The Bureau of Retired Spells & Broken Magic” which is a cross between Law & Order and magic realism. It’s the story of two Inspectors who collect magical items to keep the public safe.

GJ: If you have to choose just one book, which would be your favourite and why?

GR: This is going to seen wacky but “The Death and the Life of Superman”. I bought the graphic novel, which I also still have but the novelisation holds a special place with me. I’ve read it a few times.

GJ: What would you say has been your most successful marketing tactic?

GR: Probably getting Amazon to make my short story “30 Minute Plan” free. I think that one has been downloaded a few thousand times and it was ranked in the top three for horror for a little while.

GJ: What is the most difficult challenge you face as an author?

GR: Finding time to write. My wife runs a business I help with and on top of work and family it’s difficult at times to get a little time to sit down alone.

GJ: If you could live your live in the genre of a book, which would it be and why?

GR: Probably modern day romance. In that genre the worst that could happen to me is I get dumped. No worrying about ancient evils, extinction level events, political conspiracies, or serial killers.

GJ: What can we expect from you in the coming year?

GR: I have a horror Christmas title coming out later this year called “The Kringling”. It’s Santa versus his evil brother and zombies.

GJ: Tell me about your new release.

GR: I started this story last year and actually released the chapbook a little over a year ago. “Part-time Zombie” is my tribute to 80s horror movies and I wrote it with having no down time in any scene. In every chapter something is going on.

Here’s the synopsis: Being dead is hard when you need to work. When Alice’s appetite awakens in the middle of the workday no teen or Uber driver is safe. Things get really bad when she finds out she’s the harbinger of the coming fleshpocalypse. Then monsters show up wearing human bodies like poorly fitted, inside-out winter coats with the stuffing coming out and she has to decide if she’s going to fight for humanity or be first in line in the all-you-can-eat people buffet.

GJ: What differentiates your zombie fiction from that of your peers?

GR: I don’t do regular zombies, usually. I like to have something different about them. You’ll see that with “Part-time Zombie” and several other titles, like “30 Minute Plan” and “Fleshbags”. In “PTZ” she’s technically a zombie but it’s more of a body horror story as she’s able to morph her body to consume people in different ways. In “Fleshbags” the zombies are just completely gross and in “Dead ’til Dawn” the heroes are zombies because they took a drug that made them temporarily undead.

GJ: Thank you Gerald for taking the time to talk with me today. Part-time Zombie is released on May 21st and Gerald is giving away ten free copies of his new novel to US participants. To get your free copy watch the Gerald Rice Fan Page on Facebook all day this Tuesday. 

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