My Publishing Journey: Holiday Reading

In this weeks update I give a quick rundown of the events of the last couple of weeks and updates on my various writing projects!


It’s back from beta read!! Yes you heard it right. The book is back in my hands and the wonderful Laura Laakso has done an amazing job. Overall she enjoyed the book. In particular I loved her notes in the margin where she would comment on something she particularly liked. These would more than make up for the bits she didn’t get so much!

The end result is a bit more work for me, making edits and cutting out some redundant scenes. A lot of that work has been done and I’ve culled about 4,000 words so far. I now have the script printed out in A4 for a full read through whilst on holiday for two weeks. As I run through each chapter I will be marking off a checklist to make sure I have assessed the chapter against five key points I need to look out for. These include certain repeating elements of description, adjustments to characterisation and redundancy.

Once that’s done it’s hopefully off to the copy-editor for a polish. If I can get a guaranteed return date from them then I’ll be able to set the pre-orders for November and the pre-release marketing can begin!


IN THE END is now available through Google Play. I’ve updated my universal link and you can check it out here!

James Fisher / Carrie Harris Series

I’m currently part way through the sixth unpublished novel. So far I’ve enjoyed each so much so I’ve put together a tentative release schedule which you can check out here.

None of the novels need major work, just self-editing and copy-editing, covers and blurb so the schedule should be pretty achievable. Well, maybe if I’ve figured out how I can get away with not sleeping! If anyone fancies beta reading or getting an ARC then just let me know!


My next event is the Hastings LitFest where you will be able to find at table 16 on 31st August 2019. Feel free to come along and say hello. This is the first literary festival I’ve attended and I’m keen to see how it works out. You can take a look at the event here.

We’ll hopefully be setting up a load more events for the autumn / fall, especially to coincide with my new releases! Watch this space.

That’s it for me. Although the pace has been high, there’s not too much to say here. I’ll be back with the next post at the end of August but if you want to keep in touch or check out what I’m up to then why not follow me on social media. Facebook / Instagram.

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