My Publishing Journey: Back to Work!

After an amazing few weeks of holiday adventures, it’s time to get back to work on the novels and the blog. Well I never really had a break from the novels!

Holiday Snaps

Here’s just a few of my snaps from my wonderful trips to Cornwall with the family.


I have a release date!! During the holiday managed to complete my self-edit and initial format of my follow up to IN THE END. BEFORE THE END is now with the copy editor and I have a guaranteed delivery date for the completed edit which means I am able to set a release date!

Tomorrow I will be revealing the release date, cover and blurb, but first to those on my mailing list. If you don’t want to wait for another week to find out there’s still some time to sign up to the list here and receive all the exciting news before I release it on this blog and on social media!

James Fisher & Carrie Harris New Series

Whilst on holiday I also managed to finish reading the last of my six, as of yet unpublished, novels.

These six works of varying length have a similar writing style to IN THE END but have zero zombies and the apocalypse is never mentioned.

They need some work, mainly editing, by myself and by a professional so I can’t just put them out for sale. The books are split into two paths.

The first series starts with FATE’S AMBITION (100,000 words) (I recently renamed this from CONSEQUENCES) and follows James Fisher, a reclusive twenty-something who is forced to come out of where he’d hidden himself in a humdrum life when his friend disappears on a camping trip. But James Fisher isn’t really just any ordinary guy, he has the ability to make people believe his every word. 

As the story builds a thrilling adventure unfolds across Britain and faraway shores where we meet an agent of a shadowy government service whose job it is to protect the world. Agent Carrie Harris, a no holds barred powerhouse of a woman joins the adventure to find James’s friend. The subsequent two novels in this series (THEIR RIGHT TO VENGEANCE, 100,000 words & currently untitled, book 3, 122,000 words) follow James Fisher and Carrie Harris as he discovers more about his powers whilst finding out what he thought to be his past, is actually a lie.Each of these three books are all full length novels. I expect to be releasing from December this year and then on into 2020.

The next three books take us back in time, with the first, currently titled OPERATION DAWN WOLF, following Harris on her journey to join the shadowy agency. It’s written in the form of a transcript of recordings from the sessions between Harris and the psychologist assigned to assess her suitability. Of course all does not go to plan, unless the plan was different to what we first thought?!

This novella is currently around 47,000 words and I will be giving it away FREE to my mailing list subscribers when it’s ready in the early part of next year (May 2020).

The fifth book (LESSON LEARNT, 65,000 words) follows on from Harris joining the agency and her first mission to watch and report her findings as she masquerades as an au pair for a family somewhere in a backwater town in America. Finding the pace too slow since her ordeal in OPERATION DAWN WOLF she sets about trying to find out what she’s there for, but can’t help but fall for someone involved in what could be her ultimate mission. In this book I tried my hand at spicing it up with a bit of sex, but I’ll be cooling down the steam a little to keep the tone suitable for a broad audience.

The sixth novel, FROM THE DEAD, follows her second assignment where she’s inadvertently dragged back into her former life, unveiling the true identity she assumed to keep her family safe.

I plan to release all six novels in the coming two years, using the time to re-edit the books, develop covers, blurbs and have them professionally copy edited to polish out my poor grammar and punctuation!

Whilst my designer works on the cover for FATE’S AMBITION and I work through another editing pass, I’ve been playing around with covers for the Harris series. Here’s an early look!

Hastings LitFest

This Saturday marks the start of events again and I will be attending Hastings LitFest where I have table in the main hall alongside many other authors promoting their books. I hope to see a few of you there!

Next week I’ll be back with progress and the full release of the details for BEFORE THE END and all of the exciting plans I have!


  • Have you ever heard of Wattpad? (I swear this isn’t an advertisement. Unless wp sees this and wants to start paying me cause I’ll totally start doing this for money if the all-seeing eye is interested.) I just discovered it a few weeks ago but it seems like where all the kids are gathering to read free books. If you’re thinking of sharing one of your novellas for free, you might have interest in cross-posting it. The quality is hit & miss on the site but there seems to be an audience there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I have heard of wattpad and I may post a book their later only, however my free books are given to people joining my mailing list. Thanks for them suggestion though, I appreciate it!


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