My Publishing Journey: Record Breaker

Personal Update

Everything continues to go well during the lockdown, but I’m looking forward to getting out of the house and travelling to meet a friend on Sunday for a socially distance run!

With more and more of our plans and events for this year being cancelled, it could be a time to get really down but I’m staying positive, knowing that these opportunities will come again, in not next year then soon after.

Sales and Marketing

Sales continue to be strong with my current Facebook campaign. As expected, I saw a small dip in sales at the weekend so I duplicated the campaign and swapped to the new one and the sales picked up again.

If the campaign continues on its current trajectory, and there is no reason why it wouldn’t, then I’m on track to break the sales volume, sale turnover and profit records I set in March. I’m hoping I can keep the campaign rumbling along until the release of AFTER THE END and beyond.

Work In Progress

I’m 75% through the major edit of AFTER THE END and I have another two days off work next week in which I’m hoping to pull progress back in line with finishing in the first week of June and then handing over to beta read.

I’ve started having a think about cover ideas so that once I have some free time I’ll be able to working on it with my designer. There are several showpiece scenes that should convert to a cover well.

I’m very much looking forward to completing the final book in the series and I’m ready to move on to the companion novella, and after that something different for a change, whilst finding out how to really unlock the value potential when I have all the creative content in place for the series.

Lesson Learned

With only just over two weeks to the release of LESSON LEARNED I’ll be setting the paperback up for sale so I can order author copies ready for release day. I’m not going anywhere with them but I hope to send a few out to reviewers in time for release.

I need to start thinking about a release email for my mailing list and the test campaigns for Facebook ready for launch day.

That’s it. Just a quick update today. I’ll catch you next week hopefully with news of good progress on the edit!


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