My Publishing Journey: Nearly a Library

Personal Update

Not much to say here really, all goes well but I am missing getting out to sell my books face to face, especially with a new release in hand. Outdoor markets are set to start again next month so I have to see how I feel about setting something up for later in the year. As I don’t ‘need’ too, it may be sensible to write off the year for in-person sales.

Work in Progress

Last week I successfully completed the major edit of AFTER THE END and it’s printed out for another pass so I can properly read and pick up anything I’ve missed. I’m over a third of the way through that pass, so hopefully by the middle of June it will be off for beta-read.

The cover concept is now with my cover designer and I’m searching for the perfect photo for a base for James to work the design on. The costs will be lower if I can get him to alter a photo, rather than creating from scratch.

My mind keeps wondering to the next project but I know I have to stay focused! Here’s the basic order of what I think I’ll work on next.

  1. IN THE END novella.
  2. CARRIE HARRIS novella.
  3. FROM THE DEAD (CARRIE HARRIS Mission Report #2)
  4. JAMES FISHER Books 2 & 3
  5. New Post Apocalyptic Series

I may bump JAMES FISHER to later in the process as there’s no great demand based on the small amount of unpaid effort I have put in to push the book.

Sales & Marketing

Sales this week have been surprisingly strong and I’ve surged passed the record sales figures set in March with four days still to go. Next time I have to reset my ad campaign, I plan to double the budget to see if it has the same effect on profits. Watch this space.

One Week Before Release

With the release of LESSON LEARNED so close, 5th June 2020, I received the paperback copies a couple of days ago to send out to readers for review and if I want to run any future competitions, plus it’s great to hold it in my hands.

The ARC reviewers are busying away with the read and I got a wonderful first review this week.

I won’t be launching with as much fanfare as I will be for AFTER THE END, just quietly working away. The Facebook ads are ready and scheduled to start with four different ad combinations for testings and we’ll have to see how they go.

That’s about it for this week, next post will be all about the release and then I’ll be back with more behind the scenes.

Comments and questions welcomed as always!

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